Automatic Call Distribution

A simple way to sort & distribute your calls to ensure happier agents and customers.

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Haphazard call routing or unfair call distribution leads to inefficient agents, long call queues, and dissatisfied customers. In contrast, our ACD + Call Routing segregates incoming calls intelligently and distributes them evenly.

Route Calls As Per Your Business Needs

Our cloud-based solution automates how you assign calls to onsite or remote agents. You can set up predefined rules to improve efficiency, reduce call queues, or manage after-hour calls.

Skill-Based Routing

Divide agents into groups that specialize in handling specific call types, and then route those calls to them. Use it to cut down average handle times drastically.

Time-Based Routing

Manage your after-hour calls or shift timings by routing calls based on the time of the day. If calls come in after office hours, divert them to an IVR, your staff's mobile phones, or even a group of agents operating in another time zone.

Priority-Based Routing

Route calls based on customer categories. Skip call queues for high-value customers and divert them to specialized skill groups.

Distribute Calls Fairly Amongst Your Workforce

Select from idle-agent-first or round-robin distribution to distribute calls in ways that suit your workforce

Idle Agent First

When you have a dedicated call center, use this system to equally distribute talk time amongst your agents by first diverting calls to the agent with maximum idle-hours.

Round Robin Routing

Use round-robin to route calls to a list of agents sequentially. Use this to distribute the number of calls amongst your agents equally.

Route Calls to Agents Anywhere with our Cloud Call Center Solution

Now your agents can be located anywhere. Our Cloud Call Cneter Solution evenly distibuted your incoming calls to them whetehr they are located in a single office, remote offices or even -in their own homes, all while ensuring a smooth cusomer expereince for your callers. Talk to use to schedule a demo today.

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Loaded With Smart Features

Our ACD is an integral part of our complete contact center suite. Get all the benefits you need to run an efficient inbound or blended call center.

Sticky Agent

Build trust and familiarity by diverting customers to the same agent every time they call.

CRM Integration

Make call routing intelligent with priority calls and more.


Let your IVR attend calls and divert customers to the right agent.

Live Dashboards

Meet SLA’s, and manage your workforce better with live performance monitoring

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Better Fallbacks

Don’t keep customers waiting. With Ozonetel, you can ensure better customer experience by specifying fallback rules. These rules will come into play whenever a caller is in the queue for longer than a specified time.

  • IVR callback & disconnect
    Your IVR can take a voice message from the caller. Supervisors get alerts and can schedule callbacks when agents are free.
  • IVR Self Service
    Divert customers to a self-service IVR when call queues are too long.
  • Abandoned Call Alert
    Get alerted when callers abandon queues and organize callbacks to them.
  • Multi-skill Divert
    If calls volumes to one skill group are high, divert calls to another skill group.

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