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Why Cloud Telephony

Improve Agent Efficiency

Cloud communication unified desktop gives agent single window access to all contact centre applications such as multiple-channels, dialers and more. Cloudagent, with it's advanced features like screen pop, ACD, skill routing, sticky agents, agent scripts etc has been proven to improve the call center agent efficiency by 60%.

Get Insights

Interaction Analyst in Cloudagent is an advanced business intelligence tool which helps you get insights into your calling patterns. It offers more than 300 reports across all dimensions of a contact center. It can help you answer questions like "Who is the most efficient agent?", "What is the average call handling time for support skill?", "What is the peak hour for my call center?"

Reduce Call Handling Time

Customers call your call center to get answers, with Cloud IVR you can design complex IVRs integrated with your back-ends to answer caller queries before they reach your agents. Agents have access to contextual information about the caller including previous contact history.


Cloud Dialer helps you reach customer proactively. Different dialer type i.e. preview, progressive, IVR lets you define the most customer friendly way to contact your customer. Our dialers have helped increase agent productivity upto 400% as compared to manual dialing.

Quality Monitoring

An integrated voice logger allows supervisor to judge agent performance in context of the call i.e. campaign, skill etc. Cloudagent allows to custom define the different weightage parameter applicable to particular skill/process allowing agent performance to be judged in terms of parameter that impact the process performance the most.

Open API

Cloudagent while a complete out-of-box product, can still be extended to suite your business requirement. Cloudagent simple Open API for CTI, CDR and Dialer allows you to seamlessly integrate it with your business systems for an end-to-end customized and optimized process performance.

How Its Delivered

Go live with contact center in few hours. Cloudagent delivers complete contact center over internet using web browser. Public Cloudgent requires no onsite installation. If you are planing 10-60 seats contact center, with agent distributed across locations or employing home agents, Cloudagent public is hassle free way to go. Agents can operate from any location, using basic internet and a phone.

With minimum infra install at your site, Cloudagent delivers best of public and private Cloudagent. If you are planing single site with 100+ seats, or data security is a key factor Cloudagent hybrid is the way to go. Cloudagent Hybrid allows horizontal scaling to any size and makes sure all data resides at your site. You can easily manage multiple hybrid and public site as a single virtual contact center with contact routing form any to any site.