World’s Biggest Co-working space leverages KOOKOO CloudAgent to streamline customer interactions in India

  • WeWork began its operations in India in 2017 with its first facility at Bangalore.
  • The business need was to have a customer facing number which could be pushed in marketing outreach program through digital and outdoor advertising and could be used to manage inbound sales leads by sales team.
  • As the sales team was continuously on-the-go, the team wanted the sales calls to land on their hardphones so that no business opportunity was missed.
  • The calls were to land on hard phones as the sales team was travelling.
  • The team was looking for a quick solution which could go-live instantly and help sales team track and answer inbound enquiries.
  • We work on-boarded KOOKOO CloudAgent as their communication partner to track all inbound sales enquiries.
  • They started with a single location in Bangalore and are now tracking queries Pan-India.
  • KOOKOO CloudAgent has ready-made connectors for Salesforce CRM which will enable the team to perform all operations from with-in Salesforce application. Wework is working on implementing Salesforce and KOOKOO CloudAgent will be the best fit once Salesforce is in place.
  • Currently working with 15 Agents.
  • Sales team could handle Pan India inquiries without missing on the business opportunities.
  • The calls are handled seamlessly while the sales team in on-the-go.
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