HUL – Lo Kar Lo Baat & Speech recognition

“Lo Kar Lo Baat” "View Campaign Video"was an award winning marketing campaign from HUL to increase top of the mind awareness for its detergent powder “Active Wheels”. 3 minutes of talk-time would be provided to any customer who gives a missed call on the number published in the pack. Through this campaign HUL was able to reach 16 million unique users.

“This campaign was made possible due to Ozonetel’s unique proposition of cloud telephony combined with advanced speech recognition delivered at scale”.

LoKarLoBaat campaign used real time gender recognition system, Speech based IVR, Digit recognition and Keyword spotting as some of the advanced speech tools.

So, what do these tools do?

Digit recognition system:
In order to talk to their loved ones, the consumers just have to speak their number into the phone. The real time digit recognition system identifies the spoken mobile number and triggers actions via the telephony platform. The digit recognition system can identify digits in 19 dialects. .

Real time gender recognition:
HUL plays its advertisements, while trying to connect the call. To run a successful advertisement it’s very important to know the gender of the person listening the ad. With the help of Real time gender recognition, the system determines the gender and plays a customized ad. Ozonetel’s gender recognition has been used to identify genders across a 30 million database, with a success rate of 99%.

Speech Based IVR flow -
Today IVRs mostly use touch tone or DTMF(Dual tone multifrequecy) based user interface. To make the IVR more efficient and responsive the campaign used voice based IVR user interface that allows customers to input their own voice rather than DTMF inputs, to complete the interaction. Our Speech based IVR flow response rate is 20 ms and can support multiple steps in the IVR call flow..

Impact -
This campaign resulted in a 145% increase in Top of Mind Awareness, and 14.5% growth in sales volume. The HUL marketing team has access to an easy-to-use dashboard giving them live feed and a customizable analytical report, thus providing real-time feedback on the success of campaign objectives.

  • LoKarLoBaat was also the proud winner of the Bronze Media Lion at the Cannes festival.
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