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Virtual Phone Numbers can be used to provide a single point for all business communications and add value to marketing campaigns. Now, businesses can track & monitor all such calls by forwarding incoming calls to preset numbers, recording such calls and setup system alerts. Virtual numbers help better monitoring and tracking of campaigns running across several platforms (print, billboard, radio, TV, etc). Thus enabling a better handle on ROIs linked with individual & disconnected campaigns. Ozonetel can equip you with a Virtual Phone Number and provide the above services.


Lead Generation Tracking
Marketers run promotional campaigns across mediums but find a challenge to judge ROI’s. virtual number help to capture 100% of the leads coming from different mediums.

How it works

✔Business chooses to run 2 campaigns – Adwords & Hoarding
✔Virtual number chosen for each campaign
✔At the end of the campaign, response rates from both the campaigns can be compared

Route multiple calls to single location
One can publish multiple numbers across a geography while the calls are handled in one location only.

How it works

✔A startup chooses to publish 4 Virtual numbers for 4 Metro cities in India.
✔All calls are handled only by 1 person who is configured against that particular account.
✔ All calls are recorded & alerts sent for any missed calls.

Handling calls remotely via a Single published number
Startups can position for a single number, say for Delhi while the people receiving the calls can be located anywhere in India and can take calls as per their convenience.

How it works

✔A manufacturing company wants to capture all service requests generated locally, for a new product
✔Company publishes 1 number for Delhi
✔Calls are handled by people either in Delhi or anywhere else in India.

Number Masking
This has become a common feature now across aggregators in various industries – F&B. Travel, Cabs etc.

How it works

✔Aggregator enlists the services of the end provider & assigns them a unique virtual number.
✔ Customer can call this provider via the virtual number while both individual numbers are kept private.
✔Further customization is possible using the platform to route, record, conference & much more for businesses.


Easy CTI Integration
Personalize customer interactions by integrating with CRM and Ticketing solution, we are readily available with all major.

Live Analytics & Dashboard
We provide all relevant call reports, live analytics, campaign reports and dashboards, that can help in better business decision-making.

Scalable Platform
Start with one number and scale to unlimited number as your business grows. Scale up or down seamlessly at any time without any contract.

Today, mobility is must with Ozonetel’s solution, you can use the entire solution from any location or place, you just need an Internet connection.

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