Trident Hyundai

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Leveraged Cloud Telephony To Improve Customer Service

Trident Hyundai was founded in Sep 1998 with a motley team of 22 young members. From one showroom and one service center, Trident has today grown to be one of the largest Hyundai dealerships in the country. Sales now peak to over a thousand cars a month and the network has increased to 4 showrooms and 11 service centers.


  • Tracking all incoming calls/leads coming into various showrooms and service centers.
  • No structured distribution of the incoming calls to the available sales consultants


  • Ozonetel deployed a Cloud-based Hosted Telephony platform and automated IVR based Contact Centre solution


  • No investment in CAPEX to run an efficient call center
  • Equitable assignment of inbound calls
  • The flexibility in the IVR and Music on Hold etc, allows them to market all new features and facilities, new car models being launched, etc, in near real-time, thereby improving their brand messaging.
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