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PharmEasy – Buy Medicines Online

One of India’s biggest offline pharmacy aggregator with presence in – Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Jaipur. Over 120,000 families across India have used PharmEasy, and on an average, about 100,000 customers shop medicines using the app every 45 days. The average ticket size is around Rs 1500. Ahmedabad.


  • Pharmeasy needed a solution deeply integrated with their in-house CRM solution
  • Avoid any overheads or CAPEX related investments for the call center
  • Scalable solution for expanding needs
  • Monitor communications of off-line executives working in the field


  • Ozonetel deployed an on-premise solution with customer-owned telephony integrated with in house CRM
  • Cloud agent lite solution deployed for offline executives in the field


  • A single platform to monitor all business communications has eased the tracking & monitoring process while simultaneously improving the call center’s performance


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