Manual Dialer Guide: What, Why and When to use it

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What is Manual Dialer?

In the contact center industry, when the agents or executives have to physically dial a number, it is called Manual Dialing.

They use a dialer on their computer screens known as the Manual Dialer.

When is Manual Dialer Used?

  • Usually, Manual Dialing is used in outbound or blended contact centers, where a lot of information has to be processed by agents before dialing a prospect, lead or customer. By contrast, when agents require to call larger databases in less time, power dialers are used.
  • If your telephony system is extremely orthodox and cannot integrate with third-party applications. Or in a highly secure CRM, integrations are not allowed due to IT policies do not allow integrations, agents may have to resort to manual dialing.
  • In sales processes where the data quality of call data is high, and there are many more processing steps, a manual dialer is more suitable.
  • In some CRMs, you can integrate your telephony to facilitate an easy click to call feature. Agents just click the customer name to summon the manual dialer.

What are the benefits of Manual Dialing?

  • Key benefits include controlled calling where agents get complete autonomy in deciding whom to call when. The agent gets adequate time to prepare for the call.
  • Agents are under no pressure which gives them peace of mind and encourages them to work empathetically with the customer/prospects.

How does manual dialing happen?

  1. Log in to the system. And select manual dialling on the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the number you wish to dial from the drop down menu..

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