How to Use Our Speech Analytics Dashboards To Improve Agent Performance

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AI-based Speech Analytics is a new tool that gives managers real-time data and alerts from customers’ ongoing call center conversations.

Here is how it benefits call center managers:

  • Improve Quality. Unlike a human QA team, Speech analytics can measure quality across 100% calls
  • Monitor Live. View performance-related results in real-time on your dashboard.
  • Discover sentiment. View customer sentiment across all calls. 
  • Get alerted. Get alerts on curse word usage or escalations.

How it works

Our all-new Speech Analytics Dashboard tracks and displays agents’ speech rate, speech volume, and customer sentiment on each call. It’s algorithm processes information in a matter of seconds.

As a result, ongoing calls can be analyzed in real-time. The analysis is displayed on our live dashboards. You can also get real-time curse word alerts, customer escalation alerts or keyword alerts. (Contact our team to learn more about customized alerts)

What you can see on the dashboard

Our readymade dashboard currently tracks and measures Speech Volume, Customer Sentiment, Agent Volume, and Agent Speed.

  • Speech Rate. According to studies, the ideal talking speed is between 120 to 150 words per minute (wpm). This rate varies across just across languages and dialects, and can also be affected by gender, culture, and purpose. Use speech rate to see if your call center agents are speaking clearly enough.
  • Speech Volume: To best address a customer’s query, an agent must be audible. But more importantly, the volume at which an agent or customer is speaking can indicate how the call is going. A raised voice may indicate conflict. View agent volume across all your calls or for a particular agent.  

You can also set up alerts for supervisors to barge in and take over calls whenever either an agent or a customer raises their voice. (Contact our team to learn more about customized alerts)

  • Customer Gender. Who calls your call center? How can your call center data contribute to other departments such as marketing? By understanding your customer demographics you can design a better experience for them. View aggregated data of your customer gender across all your calls. Use this data for marketing or better customer experience design.

  • Customer Sentiment: AI-based analytics can automatically gauge customer sentiment for the duration of a call. For example, the Ozonetel Speech Analytics dashboard categorizes customer sentiment into happy, neutral or angry/dissatisfied. This helps managers keep a tab of overall call center performance, as well as individual agent performance.

The Future: Keyword Analytics

Speech Analytics also offers keyword identification. You can use that to run a keyword search across all your call recordings for the usage of any word. For instance “sorry”, “not working”, or “defect”. This can help identify service, marketing or product-related issues.


AI-based Speech Analytics is all set to be a game-changer within contact centers. It has the potential to save man-hours and money. Moreover, by giving valuable data to marketing and product development departments, it can help the contact center become more integral to business strategy decisions. If you can think of a way we can work together to use Speech Analytics within your call center, contact us today.

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