How To Run Your International Support Desk From Home Or Office Or Anywhere Else?

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How easy would it be to be able to run your support center – handling Calls, Emails, Live chat, and Answering Social media chat and doing much more – All from the confines of your home or anywhere else?

Our Inside sales team uses a CRM integrated Cloud Agent solution (Our own product) for all business conversations.
You can see the obvious advantages of handling all conversations from a single screen. Not only is the response real time you can view all the channels at one time.

All customer conversations in one screen

For businesses starting up and having an unpredicted call flow dedicating resources for the support function would be a costly affair. More so, in the initial stages of a business, it’s important that senior management has a close understanding of the kind of support issues coming up. And which channels is it coming from?

  • Listening to calls in real-time
  • Issues being highlighted by customers in email, possible recurring in nature
  • The most popular channel of communication with the customer – are customers tweeting about your service?
  • Which region or customer segment is the most queries coming from? Maybe you’ll need to plan for a local Sales resource with a focused marketing plan for that region or customer segment.

Businesses often fuss overly about running efficient direct outbound campaigns to reach prospects – via Calls, Emails. In my view, ensuring the proper handling of inbound leads is critical, especially in B2B. Knowing how difficult it is to reach businesses and turn them into prospects, its only criminal to not have a system that can handle inbound leads efficiently.

The below image captures the live chat tool (our own) through which prospects can reach us which is handled by the inside sales team (above image) in real-time.

Talking specifically of running an international support center – being available, at all times, is important. Supporting customers at odd hours and transition times becomes a challenge – one that’s seamlessly addressed by our CRM integrated Cloud call center solution. It’s as easy as checking emails on your computer. In fact – once could continue to do whatever they are doing on their computer and switch to the agent screen whenever there’s an incoming Call, Email, Chat or Social media message.

It’s a misconception, that having Chat support is enough to address possible customer queries. Adding a number to the support desk enables better conversation.
To add to the functionality is the increase in the number of freelancers & part-timers for whom such flexibility – of working from anywhere – would work well.

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