How To Choose An IVR For Your Business

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Lost your Credit Card, still waiting for your order to be shipped, waiting for your lunch order long-delayed- as a customer, there is a strong urge to get a resolution of your service request by calling up the company’s helpline number. It does not matter whether you are a Big Organization or a Startup, Customer service is a nonnegotiable in building customer loyalty. In-fact having a reliable customer service center to cater to post-sales will also impact the purchasing decision of the prospective customer.

What has changed is the communication modes that can be integrated with the IVR system

  • – Via Social media
  • – Via Website
  • – Via Speech
  • – Visual IVR interface

In this article, we talk about the options available to address inbound customer inquiries, classifying all of them as some kind of Interactive responses – a step forward from plain IVR system.

Where do your customers interact with you?

As always, the choice you need to make is linked with how your customers are interacting with you

✔Do they call you? If they call you, do they prefer giving instructions using their voice?
✔Do they chat with you on your website?
✔Do they chat with you on Facebook?

How to choose a solution?

Scalable as per business needs – goes without saying, that its best to validate the solution’s capability to address scaling up and scaling down of volume. A spike in inbound calls may be triggered by a marketing campaign, at which point even if the calls are not getting connected to agents, callers should feel that their call has been registered and would be addressed soon. Here’s an example.

  • Caller A calls a bank’s IVR
  • IVR plays standard call flow – Language prompt, Product prompt & then attempts to connect an agent
  • If an agent is unreachable, the following options can be chosen
    – Prompt caller regarding which option he wants to choose – Request a callback, Leave a message, Wait in the queue, etc
  • If the customer has chosen – request call-back or leave a message – an SMS or Email can be triggered to the customer with the above context.

Able to create automated conversations basis FAQs – this is relevant to a query made by customers on your website or Facebook page, where-in a pre-decided call flow can be initiated, similar to the above banking IVR. A sample flow could be as per the below FB screenshot of a popular online insurance firm, where-in the customers can gather basic info before getting in touch with the companies.

At any stage, an option to connect to an agent should be available – a consumer might need more clarity w.r.t. an offer. Having an option to call the customer care right from the screen would be a valuable option A sample flow could be as per the below FB screen-shot of a popular e-commerce firm, where-in the customers can reach out to an agent/human by just typing the word or choosing the option– Talk to an agent.

Have the facility to access customer info for standard queries – Most consumer inquiries are for accessing standard order/transaction-related updates. In the case of an e-commerce scenario, it could be to track the status of an order. These kinds of inquiries should be addressable in an automated way, by linking up with the CRM or the ERP system. This facility should be available for online inquiries too – Via live chat or facebook.

Provide the flexibility to modify the IVR as per your needs – The IVR you choose should have an option to modify it in a self-service model. This offers businesses the flexibility to change audios to be played as per seasonal offers, create more options in case of expanding business needs.

We, at Ozonetel have implemented multiple such campaigns, at scale, across multiple sectors for various companies & also helped businesses build their own custom IVRs. 

Some of our campaigns are listed below
– http://blog.kookoo.in/2014/07/ozonetel-powers-hindustan-unilevers.html
– http://www.dqindia.com/cloud-telephony-player-ozonetel-foresees-surge-in-telephony-apps-due-to-open-apis/
– http://www.thehansindia.com/posts/index/Technology/2016-01-28/Ozonetel-Challenges-Developers-on-KooKoo-platform/203217

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