Healthcare Service Provider Of Diagnostic Services

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One Of The Largest Healthcare Service Provider Of Diagnostic Services. The Company Offers A Broad Range Of Tests On Blood, Urine And Other Human Body Vice, It Is Having Nearly 170 Laboratories And 1500 Collection Centers 


  • All the collection center & home collections are working in silos, there is no centralized view of customer service and service center performance
  • The satellite labs team, who are mostly infield there is no call recording to track customer call and service representative performance
  • All customer queries are handled by the executives due to which a lot of time is wasted in answering standard queries
  • The management don’t have any metrics or report to improve the customer service process


  • Smart IVR System– Every center has a published number, IVR is linked with all the local center’s numbers. Customer calling from a particular circle would be prompted to the IVR defined for that circle.
  • Standard customer inquiries are resolved at the IVR itself -report status, center address details.
  • Offline agents- The satellite lab representative is configured as an offline agent, they can take a call on their mobile.
  • CTI Integration – The contact center is integrated with the CRM and all customer interactions are saved in the CRM.


  • All call centers can be monitored and tracked from a centralized location.
  • Standard enquiries are automated – 24/7.
  • Even the incoming calls on mobile and landline can be tracked and monitored.
  • The detailed view is now available about every collection center and diagnostic center.

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