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DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Company Limited is one of the fastest-growing life insurance companies in India headquartered in Gurgaon, India with over 3000 employees and 100 branches across India.


  • The current business scenario was distributed across India and the client wanted a solution which can help them monitor the calls being made to the customers
  • The client did not want to invest in CAPEX and was looking for a call center solution that can provide the flexibility of scaling up or down based on demand.


The on-premise hybrid solution deployed with customer-owned telephony (PRI) with emphasis on automated outbound campaigns using the dialer functionality


A single platform to monitor all business communications has eased the tracking & monitoring process while simultaneously improving the call center’s performance.

“Ozonetel dialer environment made things a lot easier at our call center with respect to the Real-time Agent Monitoring, Applying Filters on running the file, Multiple campaign creation and more. The immediate phone blocking feature helped us in reducing the number of irate customers. The dialer is automatically dialing the calls in bulk and connect the calls to the available agents, the algorithm behind the dialer ensures lesser idle time for the agents. Hence improved the efficiency and productivity of each agent.
Instant access to the cloud support team helped in reducing the downtime by providing prompt resolution. New requirements related to dialer feature has always been entertained successfully to ensure smooth operations.”

Nikhil Sinha
Manager – Renewal call center

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