Call Center Scheduling Software

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Call Center Scheduling creates a structure for when and to whom calls will be directed.

Good scheduling improves agent productivity and customer experience. You reduce peak hour wait times or even manage 24/7 customer support, cost-effectively.

Did you know that you could use your cloud contact center software for the call schedule? KOOKOO Cloud Agent is a contact center software that helps you plan staff schedules cost-effectively. The Reports help you plan when and how many agents you need. The drag and drop IVR designer lets you easily route calls according to agent skills, campaigns, day of the week or support hours. Automatic Call Distribution, mobile routing, and voice mail alerts ensure you never miss a call. Since it’s on the cloud, you can easily coordinate work from home or remote staff to deliver extended phone support hours. Integration with Salesforce, Zendesk, Zoho and other leading CRM software ensures that you can automate workflows easily.

  • Schedule According to Skill. – Map agents as per skill. Assign agents for tasks based on their training and experience. Different skill groups can handle “inquiries”, “complaints”, “support” or other needs.
  • Schedule According to Campaign. – Map different skill groups to a single campaign. Calls will automatically route to the agents handling the campaign. You can schedule outbound campaigns by directly adding any CRM contact lists into the dialer too.
  • Schedule According to Time. – Calls can be directed to different groups at different times. You can use this feature to ensure 24/7 support. Alternately, you can auto-route calls to voice mail after office hours. You can also automate alerts and use the CRM integration to push missed calls into the dialer to ensure call-backs.
  • Schedule According to Weekdays.- If you are managing staff on a flexible schedule, you can schedule according to weekdays too. Do some days face higher call volumes. Keep a tab, using our live reports, and map more staff to answer calls on those days.
  • Consolidate Work-from-Home Staff. – Organize your work from home staff according to skills. And keep track of their performance in real-time using Reports.
  • Schedule According to Peak Hours. – Our reports make it easy to identify when extra staff is needed, based on your callers’ wait times. Schedule extra groups to handle the workload.

Want to see how KOOKOO CloudAgent solves your Call Scheduling needs?

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