Barbeque Nation

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Barbeque Nation Is One Of India’s Largest Restaurant Chains With Over 60 Restaurants Spread Across India.


  • Tracking & monitoring all calls that are handled by the local city outlets
  • Standardized handling of all inbound calls to ensure that the front desk acts in a professional manner
  • No system to track missed calls
  • Not able to communicate seasonal promotions in a cost-effective manners


Ozonetel deployed a customized cloud agent lite solution with detailed outlet-wise call reports


  • This has brought in 25% efficiency in handling the leads.
  • Seamless experience to customers across all outlets
  • No missed queries anymore
  • Easy to run promotions and campaigns with flexible IVR solution
  • No capital expenditure in technology and a team to manage the technology solution.

“Using Ozonetel allowed us to rotate promotions across all our restaurants and focus on meeting customer reservation needs without a hitch”
Prosenjit Chowdhury
Founder, BBQ Nation

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