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An Hospitality Company Leveraged Cloud Telephony

Established in 2009, Azure is a creative food company co-founded by food and hospitality-focused entrepreneurs Kabir Suri and Rahul Khanna. Azure’s brands have been developed to offer a distinct mix of carefully curated food and beverage offerings with intrinsic quality and international appeal. Together they have grown revenue by over 50 percent year on year in the last five years and have a current nationwide workforce of 1400 super talented professionals. 


  • Azure was looking for a pan India solution which could be linked with their current telephony provided by Reliance
  • The client did not want to invest in CAPEX and was looking for a call center solution which can provide the flexibility of scaling up or down based on demand
  • The client was looking for a solution which can be responsive to changing business requirements which can be seamlessly accommodated in the solution


  • Pure cloud model deployed with customer-owned telephony (PRI)


  • A single platform to monitor all business communications has eased the tracking & monitoring process while simultaneously improving the call center’s performance.

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“From EPBX at outlet to ozonetel telecom solution. The transfer was seamless with technology support . This has helped in managing business more effectively at Rollmaal and Speedy Chow” “
Shantanu Pant
Brand head

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