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Aspiring Minds Is One Of The World’s Leading Assessment Companies That Helps Organizations, Governments, And Institutions Measure And Identify Talent.


  • The customer wanted to go for an OPEX driven product to suit their needs
  • Looking for a solution that could integrate the tickets raised in Freshdesk with the Contact Center


  • Ozonetel deployed an integrated Contact Centre solution (CTI Integration) – CloudAgent with Freshdesk software to add telephony to the offering


  • This has brought in 25% efficiency in handling the leads
  • Seamless experience to candidates who register on Aspiring Minds website
  • Very easy to run promotions and campaigns

“All the registrations done from the website are recorded on Freshdesk. These are then uploaded on the Ozonetel platform and the Ozonetel platform dials out to the registered users/customers to complete the registration process. The Ozonetel and FreshDesk integration is very flexible and we don’t have to buy any hardware and software. Our agents can start dialing using a URL. We can ourselves design the calling pattern whether outbound or inbound using this solution. Aspiring Minds used Inbound calling largely for support and Outbound calling for marketing and sales for all registrations done on the website

Ravi raj Chauhan
Senior manager,
Aspiring Minds

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