A logistics giant triples its call handling capacity with Ozonetel

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The Challenge

A logistics giant in India was facing a challenge. They required to support nearly 83,000 daily calls in order to ensure that not only every single customer felt assured that they were just a phone call away. But the influx of calls was becoming tough to handle. Was there any way they could provide faster responses?

The Solution

Ozonetel helped the logistics business move their support team to our robust, feature-packed Cloud Contact Center. With the help of automated routing,
easy to use multi-level IVR, and text messaging plugins, we were able to work together to create an optimum solution that helped to automate nearly 60% of the inbound calls leading to the responsive customer experience that the logistics business was looking for.

Solution Highlights

Self Service IVR

An IVR was designed that lets customers get status updates and reschedule deliveries without any need for agent intervention.

Automated SMS Follow-Ups

If customers wanted to pick up the package themselves, the system would send them the nearest pickup point address via SMS texts. For customers who wrongly called the support center with product complaints instead of a delivery issue, the system would find the merchant details against the order and send them an SMS with vendor contact details

Better Live Support

Finally, genuine customer complaints and issues, which would consist of less than 3% of the total calls, would be directed to live agents. With more time to focus on these calls, agents would be able to serve any unhappy customer with far more attention and time.


The Business was able to meet and exceed their CX goals while boosting operational efficiency:

3X Better Call Handling Capacity
4X Less Customer Wait Times.
3.5X lower Costs per Customer
40% Better Operational Efficiency.
Efficient Escalation Measurement and Tracking

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A fast-growing logistics business enables 40% better operational efficiency & 4X faster customer responses with Ozonetel


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