How 10 Latam companies create great customer interactions.

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When you are a customer-centric business, it shows. Learn what these 10 South American countries are doing right and explore the tools to make it happen for you.

You can’t buy customer loyalty. You need to build it one experience at a time. The best businesses know how to evoke positive emotions on every customer interaction—whether in-store, online, on social media, via your app, email, or during phone calls.

Blake Morgan’s article on “The 10 Most Customer-Focused Companies In South America” inspired us to explore what they were getting right:

#1. Arcos Dorados – Lesson learned: Empowered employees deliver the best customer experiences

A report by Business Wire stated that this Mc Donald’s franchise has been on a mission to deliver the best experiences for employees and customers, since both go hand in hand. Recognized as one of the best companies to work for in Brazil for the 19th year in a row, the brand likes to focus on what they call the “service culture”. This means that employees are motivated to provide personalized services for the customers. The workforce is trained in unconventional ways and is driven to deliver creative service and experience for the customers.

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#2. Santander – Lesson learned: Add a fun element

A household name in South America and one of the biggest banks, Santander caters to over 44 million customers from over 6000 branches. But that doesn’t stop them from striving to create the best experiences for their customers. Always attentive to feedback, the bank in Chile introduced Work Cafes, which are a combination of bank and cafe services. This made something as mundane and stressful as banking just a little fun! It also helps customers save time because they can wrap up their caffeine break and banking work in one stop. It’s also a positive motivator since people may find banking stressful with the long queues and what not, a cup of delicious coffee is always a great incentive.

#3. Farmacorp – Lesson learned: Data can deliver more than just insights

One of Bolivia’s largest pharma companies leverages data to create personalized experiences with amazing loyalty programs that win the hearts of customers! While most companies use data to analyze consumer behavior to predict future trends and stay ahead of the competition, Farmacorp studies the customer trends so as to provide the best prices based on these trends, adding immense value to the everyday lives of their customers.

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#4. Concentrix – Lesson learned: People can never be replaced

Yes, technology is one of the best ways to enhance the lives of people. It’s the most efficient way to handle certain tasks and problems, but it will always be in the shadow of the human experience. After working hours, it’s best to turn to technology to provide 24×7 assistance so that your customers can help yourself, but ever so often, it pays to have your questions answered by a human. Concentrix understands this because they are a B2B service themselves. Each business gets individual service with tailor-made recommendations and service, something that bots cannot do(yet).

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#5. Magazine Luzia – Lesson learned: Use technology.

Moving inventory is a classic problem faced by the home furnishing industry. This is why the Brazil-based Magazine Luiza designed an interactive way for customers to see and test products in a virtual store before they placed their orders online. This meant that customers in smaller cities who may not have access to furniture stores could now “experience” what they’re buying. The brand has over 100 virtual stores across Brazil, and its growth is attributed to recognizing a problem in the system and solving it with technology.

#6. ContaAzul – lesson learned: Stay agile if you want to stay ahead

ContaAzul is a great example of a business providing a “need of the hour” service. After many promising startups shut shop due to the complex tax system in Brazil, the company created an online accounting program which was centered around the Brazilian tax system. Besides creating a solution for a real problem, the brand remains agile by always being in touch with clients and small business owners so that they can listen, understand, and keep up with the evolving needs of the customer.

#7. Samba Tech – Lesson learned: Adapt to customer needs

If Samba Tech CEO, Gustavo Caetano, didn’t have the foresight to adapt his business from a mobile game reseller to an Online Video Platform in 2007, the brand may have been history. Samba Tech is the classic example of a brand adapting to change instead of falling flat on its face. If they weren’t as flexible and focused on the changing consumer landscape, they would have never survived. But as they evolved with the change in consumer behavior and trends, they rose to become one of Brazil’s most beloved brands.

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#8. Produbanco – Lesson learned: It pays to listen

Ecuador based Produbanco transformed their offerings and services when research told them that their customers were not engaged. After it was clear that their customers were craving a personalized but efficiently automated experience, the company went through a digital transformation. It was one of the early riders on this wave. From self-service kiosks to personalized plans for small business owners, the banking company saved no expense when it came to delivering exactly what their customers wanted. Needless to say, their efforts paid off!

In today’s world, the experience a brand provides is the key factor driving customer loyalty. How personalized are they? (Also read: Creating personalized interactions using CTI) How effectively do they address the customer concerns? How aligned with the customer expectations are they? In an age where we are relying so heavily on technology to save resources and time, this could be the deciding factor with regard to brand loyalty.

Endnote: What we love about these 10 businesses are how they are thinking local. Every geography has its own distinct advantages, problems, and opportunities. Our cloud contact center solution is delivered in Latam countries where customers can get their own trunks (We call this BYOT: Bring your own trunk/telecom provider). We can even build over your existing legacy system (Read about our CISCO integration here). Use it dip into your CRM data and ensure personalized interactions on every call, chat, text, or social media interaction. (Request Demo Here)


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