Customer Calls, WhatsApp Chats & Zendesk: Now all in one place.

Announcing a single dashboard within Zendesk to manage both regular calls and WhatsApp chats.

Just when you thought you’ve created the perfect customer experience, someone moves the goalpost. Last year when Whatsapp announced its WhatsApp for Business API, it became the hottest new channel to connect with customers.

The pressure was on.  Businesses needed to get their Whatsapp Business API number and smoothly blend it into their omnichannel support offering.

For businesses using Zendesk, we’ve got some great news. Our brand new integration gives you an easy way to seamlessly manage your WhatsApp messages and phone calls from within Zendesk.

Why integrate WhatsApp for Business?

With 1.5 billion monthly users, WhatsApp has beaten Facebook messenger to become the world’s most popular messaging app. And everyone working in customer experience knows how willingly customers will adopt this channel for speaking to businesses.

Unsurprisingly, soon everyone in the customer communication business worth their salt, (including us, of course) integrated with the WhatsApp for Business API. Zendesk also announced its WhatsApp integration on August, 2018.

But was it really as easy as that? Could businesses now seamlessly carry on WhatsApp conversations with their customers? Turns out, there was the usual hitch: for a seamless experience at the customer end, you need a seamless experience on the agent end.

This is where we come in.

A single dashboard within Zendesk to manage phone calls and WhatsApp chats

It’s challenging for agents to converse pleasantly while they’re fumbling to find customer information or toggling between multiple windows.

That’s why Ozonetel’s single dashboard allows agents to seamlessly switch between WhatsApp chats and calls within Zendesk— while viewing all relevant customer information alongside.

Screenshot of incoming WhatsApp message within Zendesk using Ozonetel

So, how do agents answer WhatsApp for Business messages within Zendesk?

  1. An Agent Dashboard opens within Zendesk whenever agents log in.
  2. After indicating a ready status, they receive or make calls or chats from this dashboard.
  3. Relevant customer information automatically displays within Zendesk during the call or chat. If a first-time user calls, a new ticket is auto-generated.
  4. Agents can easily add notes, edit and add customer details directly into the open ticket while on the call/chat.

Beyond the agent dashboard: Excellent management tools.

Contact Center managers and customer experience leaders know that no integration stops with the integration itself. That is, after the coding is done and a solution is ready to use, there remains the long work of ensuring the system really works.

  • How do we ensure that agents swiftly answer all those WhatsApp messages that come flooding in?
  • How should we rework the agent planning —which agents should reply to WhatsApp messages? Which ones would manage calls? Or should blended agents manage both?

In short, it falls upon the call center or contact center manager to ensure you have a truly omnichannel experience for your customer. Ozonetel’s contact center solution packs in multiple tools to help you manage, monitor and track better.

Call/Chat Routing: Calls and WhatsApp chat route to agents based the call/chat queues. You can create skill-based routing, priority routing, time-based routing or fallback rules to manage queues better.

Automatic Call Distribution: “Idle agent first” logic evenly distributes workloads amongst your workforce.

Automatic Call Logging: calls get auto-logged into Zendesk, even if they are from a new customer, after office hours. So, you never miss a call.

Plus more: Ozonetel is packed with features to ensure better call routing, mobile call forwarding to agents on the go, live dashboards to monitor with ease, power dialers, and many other features to make your communications from within Zendesk streamlined and efficient.

Our development team has many more exciting integrations features in the pipeline. Watch this space to learn more. And of course, if you are interested in using our Zendesk-Whatsapp Integration, contact us today.


About the Author:

Dev heads technical support at Ozonetel Communications. He is an expert with 15+ years of experience in CRM, CTI integrations and Cloud Telephony.

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