Staying human in the age of bots

01:42 17 January in Uncategorized by rajivb

As we market our voice bot and successfully implement increasingly complicated use cases, a big question I hear within the call center industry is “ What will the role of humans be in the call center now? Will bots completely replace people?” The short answer...

Voice Bot Conversations: Hype or Reality?

03:23 15 January in Uncategorized by anita

This article spotlights the growth of voice in India, one of the fastest growing economies and the second most populous country in the world. 2019 was termed the year of the voice. In the United States, over 60 million people owned smart speakers by the end...

5 reasons customers (still) need your contact center

17:24 13 January in Uncategorized by anita

Do you expect to create a product or service so perfect that customers never need to speak with you?  Don’t overlook the critical role of customer communications when growing your business. Here is why. Customers don’t pointlessly want to talk to your business. The popular quote...

New Year Resolutions for Your Contact Center

06:03 02 January in Uncategorized by Neha

Yay, it’s 2020! We know how we’re all wondering how fast the year 2020 has arrived. A year we all look forward to. A year full of phase shifts in the world of technology; a year that’s really going to be for growth. And while...