Can an IVR be part of a work of art?

Would you ever imagine that an Interactive Voice Response can be part of a work of art? Yes, the very same IVR, or voice response that greets you when you call businesses to book appointments (or complain).  In the right hands (and with the right voices) apparently, it can. Project “On Her Own” is one of the grant winners of the Gender Bender Project 2019— a joint venture by the Sandbox Collective and the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan.  The project encourages women to call a phone number where they can listen to a story, and then leave a story of their own. On 1st August, we got a tweet from Thejesh GN thanking KOOKOO for its reliable and affordable API’s that he used for the project. Now, when your company provides technology solutions, you know your chances of being part of an art project are slim to zero. So, knowing our tech helped actualise one, was exciting news for us. A nice break from thinking about sales and customer support issues. (Don’t get us wrong, we do love thinking about sales and support issues too!) Anyway, we didn’t waste much time in catching up with Thejesh about the project. Our first question was, why did you choose us? As in, why did you choose telephony to be part of an art project? Thejesh explained, “when we were thinking about the best way was to get women to tell their story, we thought: why not a phone call? The phone gives the caller both privacy and a feeling of intimacy.” It is, as he pointed out, a place where we are used to sharing stories — with our friends and family — about events that take place in our lives and others lives. Sure enough, when I called into +91-80660-84304 the story I heard, though fictionalised, was narrated like someone talking to a friend. And the sound quality is excellent. I hear every tonal nuance as my narrator moves between witty comebacks to her husband and anxious fears for her daughter. We’ve always wanted our KOOKOO API’s to free creative minds to develop and run innovative solutions. We love how easily Thejesh was able to whip together a solution with KOOKOO. The architecture is explained by Thejesh in his blog, and basically does this: When you call, the IVR captures your language preference, and runs you through the basic concept of Project On Her Own, encouraging you to leave a story of your own. It will then pick a story for you to listen to. After you listen, it will allow you to record a story you leave behind. When you press # your recording is accepted, and the line disconnects. The system, created over 35 days, accepts stories in English, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi. “KOOKOO makes it easy and is friendly to work with” says Thejesh, who has worked with our platform before on the innovative Nextdrop campaign. You can catch our IVR’s brush with art “On Her [...]

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9 Strategies to integrate Social Media with your Customer Care

Learn how social media can help you deliver better support than ever before. Social media platforms provide customers with more power and influence than ever. When they are happy with a brand, they take to their favorite platforms to express their delight. Likewise, a disgruntled customer will also take to social channels to express disappointment. And this has a wide-ranging impact: 45% of consumers share bad customer service experiences via social media. 88% of people trust online reviews written by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts.   Therefore, it makes sense for businesses to aim for stellar customer service over social media platforms too. In time, this could be the channel at the forefront of customer care.  But you probably already have a robust customer care strategy built around an all-star contact center team that follows established processes. In that scenario, are you concerned about how to integrate social into your customer care strategy? Here are some pointers: Choose the Right Channels Just because your competitors are making their mark on a social media channel, you don’t have to follow suit! You need to make the most of the channels on which your audience spends its time. For instance, if you serve the Gen-Z, then Instagram may be your channel. If you serve an older audience, then Facebook may be more appropriate. Know Your Voice When you have several executives managing your brand’s social profiles, there’s the chance of your brand’s voice becoming fragmented and the message getting diluted. Therefore, it is essential for all your social posts, ads, service responses, and comments to be consistent and in-sync with your brand’s values. This will allow you to create a uniform perception of your unique voice. Set Guidelines Set stringent guidelines that drive impeccable social customer support. Like the brand voice, each point in the guideline should align with the core values of your company. The guidelines can include points like response times for each channel, language and tone, escalation protocols and message approval and moderation procedures. Which basically means that all the processes you set in place for your contact center just need to be fine-tuned for social media. A key challenge here is to set customer expectations. For eg., social media is 24*7 but your customer support need not be so. It’s perfectly ok to prominently let your customers know your hours of operation and define by which time you will address their query. Of course, it’s then critically important to do so as committed.  Use Chatbots to Address DM Queries Direct messages are a prominent feature on most social media platforms. Many customers post their queries directly. And they expect a specific and timely response. According to a report, one-third of customers expect brands to respond in less than 30 minutes. A modern way to handle the incoming messages and respond to them in real-time is to create a chatbot. The bot will help address and solve most of the queries on the [...]

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Smoothly switch from chat to voice calls on Intercom

Announcing Ozonetel’s seamless integration with Intercom. A chat window on your website is a quick, inexpensive way to provide instant support to a customer or prospect. But have you noticed that when conversations start getting interesting, being limited to typing is frustrating? Because, when a prospect gets excited about your product, or when a customer gets over -agitated, being able to speak to someone is invaluable. We’ve always believed that chats and voice complement each other. Now businesses that use Intercom for chatting with customers can explore the massive dual benefits of voice + chat. Ozonetel has recently announced its availability on the Intercom store. The integration lets users switch seamlessly from their chat conversations to voice conversations with the same agent.  It is effortless for both customers and agents. Wondering if you need the integration? Consider these 5 benefits: Give customers the choice of voice What medium of communication does your customer or prospect really prefer? After all, if typing was such an intuitive medium, why would so many people adopt voice searches? (In 2020, nearly 50% searches will be via voice.*)Though predictions of voice tech killing the keyboard may be dire, it’s a good idea to give your customers the choice of whether they want a chat or a phone conversation. You’re likely to find that prospects sitting at their work-desk will choose chat. But they’d happily switch to voice when they’re just climbing into their vehicle or getting out for a brisk walk. While the bored executive at a conference may choose chat, a shopper deciding between your product and what they’re looking at in a store might prefer voice. While the millennial multitasking on multiple windows might choose chat, the baby boomer might prefer voice support to close the deal. A no-dial calling option Yes. There was a time business would vie to get vanity numbers that were easy to memorize. But those days are gone. And buried. They’re as forgotten as the time when your parents (or grandparents) memorized phone numbers, or painstakingly keyed them in from little black diaries. Now customers barely notice the digits of your number. They expect a single click to connect them to someone who can help. And what’s easier than clicking the Click to Call link that’s readily available on your chat window? No Special Hardware, no installation costs Installing a calling feature on your Intercom chat is really easy. You simply go to the Intercom store and add our Ozonetel widget, save and set live. Clicking the call button converts the chat window into a calling dashboard. The customers' system audio and speakers are automatically used for the call. And your agent just needs a pair of headphones to answer calls in their own computer system. A complete contact center Plus, adding Ozonetel gives you access to a whole range of contact center tools that improve customer experience and agent efficiency. This includes intelligent IVR, automatic call/chat distribution and advanced routing and live [...]

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Customer Calls, WhatsApp Chats & Zendesk: Now all in one place.

Announcing a single dashboard within Zendesk to manage both regular calls and WhatsApp chats. Just when you thought you've created the perfect customer experience, someone moves the goalpost. Last year when Whatsapp announced its WhatsApp for Business API, it became the hottest new channel to connect with customers. The pressure was on.  Businesses needed to get their Whatsapp Business API number and smoothly blend it into their omnichannel support offering. For businesses using Zendesk, we've got some great news. Our brand new integration gives you an easy way to seamlessly manage your WhatsApp messages and phone calls from within Zendesk. Why integrate WhatsApp for Business? With 1.5 billion monthly users, WhatsApp has beaten Facebook messenger to become the world’s most popular messaging app. And everyone working in customer experience knows how willingly customers will adopt this channel for speaking to businesses. Unsurprisingly, soon everyone in the customer communication business worth their salt, (including us, of course) integrated with the WhatsApp for Business API. Zendesk also announced its WhatsApp integration on August, 2018. But was it really as easy as that? Could businesses now seamlessly carry on WhatsApp conversations with their customers? Turns out, there was the usual hitch: for a seamless experience at the customer end, you need a seamless experience on the agent end. This is where we come in. A single dashboard within Zendesk to manage phone calls and WhatsApp chats It's challenging for agents to converse pleasantly while they’re fumbling to find customer information or toggling between multiple windows. That’s why Ozonetel’s single dashboard allows agents to seamlessly switch between WhatsApp chats and calls within Zendesk— while viewing all relevant customer information alongside. Screenshot of incoming WhatsApp message within Zendesk using Ozonetel So, how do agents answer WhatsApp for Business messages within Zendesk? An Agent Dashboard opens within Zendesk whenever agents log in. After indicating a ready status, they receive or make calls or chats from this dashboard. Relevant customer information automatically displays within Zendesk during the call or chat. If a first-time user calls, a new ticket is auto-generated. Agents can easily add notes, edit and add customer details directly into the open ticket while on the call/chat. Beyond the agent dashboard: Excellent management tools. Contact Center managers and customer experience leaders know that no integration stops with the integration itself. That is, after the coding is done and a solution is ready to use, there remains the long work of ensuring the system really works. How do we ensure that agents swiftly answer all those WhatsApp messages that come flooding in? How should we rework the agent planning —which agents should reply to WhatsApp messages? Which ones would manage calls? Or should blended agents manage both? In short, it falls upon the call center or contact center manager to ensure you have a truly omnichannel experience for your customer. Ozonetel’s contact center solution packs in multiple tools to help you manage, monitor and track better. Call/Chat Routing: Calls and WhatsApp chat route to agents [...]

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How to implement GDPR in your Call Center

If customers cannot trust you with their data, they won’t do business with you. GDPR compliance is good for your call center, and not that complicated to implement. This blog breaks it down for you: When GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation came into force May 2018, there may have been a collective groan from administrative staff across the globe. In today’s hyperconnected world, what affects Europe will affect businesses everywhere. But even if you are one hundred percent sure that you’ll never be privy to a European citizen’s data, ensuring GDPR compliance may be good for your call center. Because GDPR compliance allows customers to trust you—and for call centers that’s always a good thing. Besides, it’s not difficult to implement. When we had to get our contact center GDPR compliant, I distilled the complicated document into 8 basic steps. I am sharing them with you here in the hope you’ll find it easier than you expected. What is GDPR? GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is legislation initiated by the European Union (EU). that includes a list of rules and regulations for the handling of customer data. It replaces the Data Protection Directive (DPD) and the UK Data Protection Act and other similar acts throughout Europe. The GDPR aims to strengthen data protection across the EU and other countries. Quite simply, it gives the citizens control over how organizations may use their personal data. The GDPR is applicable to any company based in any part of the world that processes and st Save ores any personal data of EU citizens. What’s the penalty for failing to comply with GDPR? If a company fails to comply with the GDPR regulations, then they can face fines up to 4% of their annual global turnover or €20 million, whichever is higher. Also, the fine amount will vary based on the severity of the violation. What does this mean for your call center? The GDPR is applicable to all types of information pertaining to a customer including call recordings. This includes: GDPR Is applicable to any personal data of the consumer. Any personal data or information that can be used to identify a person like a name, address, number, date of birth, or social security number is protected under GDPR. Also, web-based data like user location, cookies, or IP address is also protected under the GDPR legislation. GDPR is applicable to all your call recordings. The GDPR also extends to call recordings. In most call centers, the customer consent needs to be recorded before the call commences and cannot be assumed. Now it’s not enough to play the line: ‘this call may be recorded for training purpose’. How to ensure GDPR compliance in your call center? Record Caller Consent Record caller consent as oral acceptance during the call, as a message, or as part of a customer agreement. Justify Call Recordings Ensure that your business can justify the call recording for any of the following purposes: to fulfill a contract to [...]

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