8 Business Benefits Of Owning A Drag-and-Drop IVR

Need to improve your IVR experience? Want to use it for stellar self-service? Need to send weekly Outbound IVR campaigns? You can achieve a lot more when your IVR is easy to design and modify. And this is what the Drag and Drop IVR promises to deliver. Read all about it here: What is a Drag-and-Drop IVR? A Drag–and–Drop IVR, or configurable IVR, is exactly like a regular IVR system except that it has an easy-to-use interface for making changes to the IVR. In a regular IVR, you need specialized VXML coding skills to make any changes. For making even minor changes, businesses need to contact their System Integrator or employ a specialized IT team. A configurable IVR, by contrast, is easy to use and does not need any coding skills to create or change. Anyone within your organization can change the IVR, after just a few hours of training. How Can this Drag and Drop IVR benefit your business? 1. Improve Customer Experience. We’ve all faced frustrating IVR experiences when calling banking, insurance, or any business for that matter. Why aren’t the endless, boring or irrelevant menus being improved faster? Stop depending on your IT teams and System Provider to make changes. With Configurable IVR, you can put IVR Design in the hands of customer-facing teams like Marketing, Sales and Support. These teams can take feedback, experiment and continuously perfect the experience. Your IVR can be changed based on the changing customer and business needs to deliver a far superior experience. 2. Create Stellar Self- Service. Self-service is on the rise—90% customers expect it from your business.* IVR is a great way to deliver this self-service. You can easily route callers to pre-recorded audios that solve their Frequently Asked Questions. But to ensure that self-service is top notch, you need to continuously monitor and improve it. Using feedback surveys you must ensure that questions are satisfactorily resolved. And if they aren’t, you must make changes. That’s why Configurable IVR is essential for delivering great self-service. It allows the frequent changes needed to continuously improve and perfect your self-service. 3. Ease Unexpected Call Volumes. There are times when your contact center is flooded with calls of the same nature. It may be due to recent events such as a disruption in your service or a technical problem with your product. Use your Configurable IVR to prevent long waiting times and overworked agents. Use your Drag and Drop IVR to quickly route these callers to a pre-recorded audio or a series of interactive steps designed to resolve the issue.   4. Create More Outbound Marketing Campaigns. With a configurable IVR your marketing team can reach out to customers more often with outbound campaigns. How often? Our client www.grabonrent.com uses our configurable IVR to reach out to customers with new promotions every week. 5. Fast Track Callers When Needed Maybe you are running an ad campaign or a promotion and you want to quickly redirect the responding callers to a specialized sales [...]

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6 Reasons Why You Need A Visual IVR For Your Impatient, Mobile-First Callers.

Ever zoned out when listening to an IVR menu? It happened to me just recently when I called my telephone provider for a plan upgrade. As the mechanical voice slowly read out the IVR options, an urgent email distracted me on my computer screen.  I stopped listening, and it took me 2 minutes to even realize I was holding a disconnected phone! IVR’s can really test your caller’s patience in an increasingly impatient world. Must your busy, distracted caller really listen to all your IVR menu options? 82% of your customers call via smartphones; can’t your contact center offer them a smarter way to connect to the right department? With Visual IVR, you can. Visual IVR offers a new, better way to present your menu to the caller. It also gives better self-service options to your caller, and collects more caller intent for your agent. What is Visual IVR? Visual IVR is a visual display of your IVR menu options on the caller’s phone screen. A Visual IVR can primarily be offered to users calling from their mobile phone via your toll free number, website or mobile application. But Visual IVR can do a lot more than ease your customer’s frustration. Read all the benefits of offering a visual IVR to your callers here: 5 Big Business Benefits of Visual IVR 1. Get 4x Faster Customer Experience. On an average, reading is 25% faster than listening to the same words. Scanning through a menu is faster still. It will take just seconds for your caller to locate exactly whom they wish to connect to on your visual IVR as opposed to regular IVR. Chances of your caller zoning out and abandoning call? Zero 2. Give Detailed Menu Options and Accurate Routing. Multi level menu options can be presented to your caller in a single screenshot as opposed to many levels of IVR. This means that while your Regular IVR menu can offer limited options, your visual IVR can offer extremely detailed options — and route your caller more accurately.   3.Get Detailed Caller Intent & Reduce Customer Effort. The IVR has already collected caller intent because of its detailed menu. It can also collect authentication details like caller name, email id or account number (and identify customer in CRM) and will pass this on to your Agent. Your agent has the call context on their screen when they answer— making conversations smoother and faster. 4. Seamlessly Blend Self-Service and Agent Assistance.   Offer more to your caller. Visual IVR can guide the caller to rich multimedia options like videos tutorials and interactive guides that can help your customer far more than. In case of any mismatch in requirement, they just need click to connect with a live agent. 5. Conduct Better Feedback Surveys. Your visual IVR can also be used for collecting feedback at the end of the call or through an Outbound IVR Campaign. Eventually, your customer’s cellphone is the primary means of reaching out to your contact center. [...]

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What is IVR? And 7 ways your business can use it.

What is IVR? 'Welcome to XYZ business, the world’s best business. For customer support executives dial 1. For sales, dial 2.' At some point, we have all heard this automated voice greet us. When we dial a number on our keypad, it seems to connect us to the right department. This is the IVR/IVRS or integrated voice response system. An IVR can be simple (as in the example above) or multi level. For example, 'Welcome to XYZ bank, India’s finest banking service. If you have your customer identification number dial 1; If you want to find out about any XYZ product, dial 2. To report loss of a card dial 3. At any point during this call, dial 9 to speak to a phone banker.' This kind of IVR is reduces agent work. It tries to gauge caller intention by giving pre-defined options and helps prioritize the call. It can be quite complex and detailed. When you dial 1, for example, you could verify identification details and check your account balance—without engaging an agent at all. When you dial 2, you may get more menu options to choose from. Dialing 3 would be an emergency, and would be treated faster. Why should your business have an IVR? 7 reasons and use cases - As shown in the above examples, an IVR doesn’t just make a business seem more professional. We’ve been successfully deploying IVR for our clients for over ten years. And here is what all we’ve seen it do: 1. Allow more self-service options for your customer. A customer often just wants to check delivery status or bank balance or other details without really interacting with a person. According to a Loudhouse survey, depending on their age, 44%-60% customers desire self-service options. Plus self-service reduces workload—making it efficient for your business too. Your IVR can give a number of self service options. Quick Case Study: As a part of Project Rise, Monsanto’s customized IVR application reached out to over 3mn farmers across India. The IVR resolved farmer queries, provided weather updates & pricing information. 2. Organize your call routing & improve Customer Experience. Intelligent call routing can help your customers connect to the right agent. Combined with other tools this can drastically improve customer experience. Quick Case Study: Customers call your contact center to have problems solved. The faster you do this, the happier your customer. FTR or first time resolution calculates how often you achieve this. Big Basket was able to deploy Ozonetel’s IVR + contact center solution to achieve an Industry leading FTR of 85%. 3. Prioritize calls. Is the incoming call urgent? Is it a valuable customer calling? Or a hot lead, ready to close a deal? Or does someone need emergency services? An IVR can combine with contact center tools, and even your CRM, to prioritize your calls. Quick Case Study: CIDCO needed to establish a center for citizens to get assistance during emergencies.  Their IVR with automated call flow, increased efficiency and significantly decreased turnaround times in response to emergency [...]

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Voice recognition will revolutionize IVR

In the race for creating better customer experience, every millisecond counts. No bump in the customer journey is too small to ignore. In this context, let us relook at the IVR experience: Long ago, IVRs efficiently replaced receptionists for answering calls. The IVR easily handled any number of callers and connected them to the right department. Callers learned to key-in their choices. And businesses learnt to simplify menu options. But there is a small, small sacrifice that is still being made in the customer experience. Today technology makes it possible to remove that inconvenience: Voice recognition. WHAT IS VOICE RECOGNITION? Natural Language refers to the way people speak to each other. Voice recognition is a system’s ability to understand this natural language. This is the realm of NLP or Natural Language Processing, a form of Artificial Intelligence. In everyday life, we see NLP work on our phone’s digital assistants like SIRI and OK Google. We also interact with it on devices like Alexa, Google Home or Amazon Fire stick. Now the same technology is available for your call centers. HOW CAN VOICE RECOGNITION TRANSFORM IVR? Currently, this is how callers experience your IVR: Customer calls. IVR gives standard welcome greeting and states menu options. Customers listen, look at their keypad, punch in the numbers And wait for a response. It is a simple routine. But what if you could simplify it further? Here’s the new scenario: Customer calls. IVR speaks: Hi. Thank you for calling XYZ company. Please state if you would like to be connected with sales or service? Customer says: Sales. IVR connects. This removes the small cognitive load of switching to the keypad. And by doing this, it removes the one roadblock in creating completely frictionless IVR experiences. HOW ELSE CAN IT BE USED?  Here are some other ways, clients are using voice recognition within their call centers: Improve customer surveys. How are you collecting feedback on customer experience? Use IVR + voice recognition to just ask them how they rate the call on a scale of 1-10. They just need to speak out the number. Your system will record it, and thank them. Conduct surveys naturally. Now you can use your call center to conduct surveys using IVR + Voice recognition. Make verification easier. Using birthdates or other details for your verification process? Customers don’t need to key in their answers anymore, they can just speak out their details, for a completely smooth , automated verification process. Answer FAQ’s. Asking is easy; searching is not. Don’t make customers fumble around your website for answers to their frequently asked questions. We’ve used Voice recognition + IVR to create bots that listen to caller questions, if it is a frequently asked question, it will play a pre recorded answer. If not, it will connect the caller to a live agent. CAN I USE THIS TECHNOLOGY TO CREATE AN INTELLIGENT VOICE BOT? Yes. In the near future, you can have a voice bot answer your phone. These bots will [...]

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