Customer speaking to your IVR

Is it time for your call center to use conversational IVR?

18:59 07 October in AI in the Call Center, Artificial Intelligence, Call Center, Customer Experience, IVRs by prashanth

The advantages, disadvantages, and 5 realistic use cases for conversational AI When it comes improving and enhancing customer service and support processes, AI holds incredible promise for both support and sales call centers. Especially with discerning customers wanting service quicker, faster, and as stress-free as possible. (Also...

What is IVR? And 7 ways your business can use it.

00:00 21 May in IVRs by Jordan

What is IVR? 'Welcome to XYZ business, the world’s best business. For customer support executives dial 1. For sales, dial 2.' At some point, we have all heard this automated voice greet us. When we dial a number on our keypad, it seems to connect us to the right...

Voice recognition will revolutionize IVR

00:00 06 March in IVRs by Ajay

In the race for creating better customer experience, every millisecond counts. No bump in the customer journey is too small to ignore. In this context, let us relook at the IVR experience: Long ago, IVRs efficiently replaced receptionists for answering calls. The IVR easily handled any...