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Why your contact center needs to integrate Facebook Messaging

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: Customer support must, must, absolutely must be omnichannel. Contact centers need to embrace more and more mediums of communication. With over 2.23 billion active users (Q2 2018, Source: Facebook), Facebook is definitely not a medium you can ignore. (That’s probably why over 60 billion businesses maintain Facebook pages.) So how can you converse better with your Facebook followers? Facebook Messaging is the obvious answer. The not-so-obvious answer is that you need to integrate this messaging with your contact center for a stellar customer experience. What are the Advantages of Facebook Messaging? There is good reason to invest in messaging. According to a “Facebook Messaging Survey” by Nielson, 53% people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. Here is what messaging can achieve: Provides an instant, personal, easy way for people to communicate with your business. According to comScore, Facebook is checked 8 times a day, on an average. When a Facebook user browses your page, they’ll really appreciate being able to get personal attention from you in a single click. Canadian Media Company Rogers Communications saw a 65% boost in customer satisfaction after offering support on Messenger.1 Provides Self Service. Using Facebook messenger and bots, your customer can place orders, fix appointments and get basic queries answered easily without engaging your agents. Your bots may even be able to give basic recommendations to shoppers. Lego used this feature for a 6x return on their ad spend.2 Globe Telecom’s self service bot on facebook messenger reduced call center costs by 10%.3 Of course, when your contact center is connected to the backend, human agents can take over the conversation at any time. Supports & Encourages Purchase.Your followers can place orders via Facebook Messenger. Live agents can encourage purchases. Marks and Spencers reported a 21% higher average order value using Messenger in sync with curated Christmas menus on their FB page.4 Drives Awareness.You can send mass announcements, create stories or provide offers & updates to all your Facebook followers. The best part? It’s all interactive. Customers can query or comment instantly. Chevrolet’s campaign “Find New Roads” (2017) reached 200 million people.5 Increases Efficiency. Having your agents answer messages is extremely efficient. Unlike phone calls, agents can handle multiple Facebook queries at a time. So, diverting a percentage of your queries to messenger makes good business sense. How to create a seamless customer experience on Facebook? Remember, of course, that having Facebook messenger active isn’t enough. You need to ensure good backend support to answer queries, and deliver support when needed.  Contact Center Solutions like CloudAgent seamlessly integrate with Facebook messenger to provide the perfect support: Bots greet customers and give basic self-service. For further assistance, messenger seamlessly connects with CloudAgent, and a live human agent takes over. Messages are routed to agents based on skills. When all agents are busy, messages are queued up. You can easily access reports that help you assign more or less agents according [...]

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KOOKOO Cloud platform WhatsApp Integration

On 2nd August, 2018, our smart team worked overnight to deliver a complete, state-of-the-art WhatsApp Business Integration— within a span of 24 hours. This is like delivering tasty pizzas hot to a hungry tribe! After all, this has been a much-asked-for extension that will finally enable smarter usage of WhatsApp Business. What can businesses gain from this integration? For businesses that have a WhatsApp Business account, the KOOKOO cloud platform can streamline communications considerably: Businesses can customize Chatbots to greet customers in an instant and personal way on WhatsApp and provide basic self-service options. Based on the customer’s needs, the bots seamlessly escalate the interaction to human agents. Automatic Chat Routing routes messages to idle agents based on their skills. In case all agents are busy, customers are queued-up, and notified. Agents can handle multiple chats simultaneously. Screenpop Integrations ensure that agents have customer information on their fingertips. Supervisors can monitor chats and barge-in wherever needed. They can access agent performance and feedback reports in real-time. Customers can switch to voice support with a single click. At a backend, CRM is smartly and automatically storing all data with customized parameters. Customers can opt-in for regular updates, offers, announcements, and status updates. This creates a highly personal way for businesses to keep in touch, upsell and collect feedback from their customers. The Whatsapp Integration comes close on the heels of Ozonetel's Facebook integration earlier this year. 

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Lead Response Management in Under 5 minutes: Two Easy Ways.

Every salesperson, online or offline knows the importance of contacting leads when they are hot. They know that support and reassurance during critical moments can clinch deals.  But we anyway put together some statistics to drive the point home: A famous study by the Professor Oldroyd (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) shows that just a five-minute delay in response, leads to a 10X drop in conversions. Forrester Reports reveal that nearly 50% consumers think that a live person answering their questions during purchase —is the most important feature a brand can offer. The Google Click-to-Call research studies across 3,000 respondents found that 61% think it’s very important to be able to call the business during each phase of decision-making. Ok, so now that’s clear. But how can you ensure that your team contacts leads within this short 5 minute window? It’s easy. We use the right technology. Here are two simple solutions to choose from: Live Online Support with an Interactive Assistant. 5 minutes! Why keep a prospect waiting even that long? Ensure that your sales team can be contacted directly from your website. The Kookoo Interactive Assistant connects your sales or support teams directly to the website visitors. You use the same contact center software that your sales team uses for making their outbound calls. Or that your support staff uses for taking inbound calls.    Your Representatives can use live chat windows or voice channels (VOIP) to speak to the customer while they browse the site. Complete CRM integration ensures that all leads data is captured and synced across systems automatically. Reports let you access your staff performance Automate Lead forms. Can’t be there for instant support? Ensure your representatives get notified as soon as a prospect fills out a lead form. Get a cloud contact center solution that integrates perfectly with your CRM solutions. Now every time a web form is filled, you can create a simple workflow to ensure that your sales representatives get notified instantly. If the agent isn’t free, the notification passes on to the next agent in queue using round robin routing. Interested in deploying either of these solutions to improve your sales? Contact us here for details.

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9 practical ideas to automate CRM workflows & improve sales

Sure, you got yourself a CRM, and it’s really helped consolidate your customer data. But how can you use this data to improve conversations? Can you use it to shorten your sales cycle? Can you organize calls better and convert faster? Yes, you can. Learn from our clients who integrate telephony with CRM to improve sales in these 9 practical ways: 1.Convert faster. Push web leads to sales in real time. Our customers ensure that a sales representative is alerted the instant a webform is filled up. As soon as they get a web lead, it reflects in their CRM. From here, Kookoo is programmed to automatically send the agent a voice alert. The alert gives the rep all important customer details. The rep just has to click to call. And if they don’t? The lead simply passes on to the next rep on the team, and so on, until someone contacts the lead. 2.Campaign better. Follow up email campaigns in a click. CRM users collect data on their email campaigns. Our clients use this data to automate follow-up calls with hot leads. They just push all leads that opened their emails to Kookoo’s auto dialer. The dialer takes care of connecting free sales reps to leads for personalized one-on-one follow up calls. Our clients often use this feature for organizing meetups and demos. 3.Don’t miss out. Catch incoming leads 24/7. Abandoned calls can lose you an important lead. Missed calls during holidays, after-hours and weekends also cost you conversions. Our clients use automated voice mail alerts to ensure this never happens to them. After 2-3 rings calls divert to voice mail. A ticket is automatically created in our client’s CRM. And they get an instant email alert. The email contains the phone number, ticket number and a transcription of the message—so they never really miss a call. 4.Call faster. Call directly from your contacts page. Toggling between windows is really unproductive. Especially when you are a sales rep with many calls to make. That’s why our clients use Kookoo to call directly from their CRM window. They can access all advance call features from here including transfer, mute, hold and record features. 5.Converse better. Keep reps informed with Screenpops. Draw on your CRM data for better conversations. Whether you make or take a call from your CRM contact page or your Kookoo agent window— a screenpop with all customer details automatically opens out in your sales rep’s screen. 6.Get mobile. Notify reps on the go. Most of our client’s sales reps are always on the go. They use Kookoo’s mobile follow me to ensure that they get lead alerts wherever they are. And can access customer info wherever they are. 7. Don’t waste staff time. Calls automatically log into your CRM. Kookoo integrates seamlessly with your CRM. So that every call automatically logs into your CRM. Any details your agents fill in get updated in your CRM automatically. New numbers generate a new ticket automatically. 8. Maximize productivity. [...]

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