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Freshdesk Integration with KOOKOO improves customer support: key features & benefits.

The Freshdesk integration with KOOKOO opens a whole host of features to the Freshdesk user. These features will allow them to increase customer satisfaction and improve agent productivity. The features include: Unified Window with click to call functionality: reduce frustration and save time. Screenpop Integrations: resolve problems faster. Automatic call logging: save time and stay organized. Intelligent IVR: create the better customer experience. Reports: track performance, call queues and more. Call recordings tagged against tickets: stay organized with ease. Call schedule: automate your follow-up calls. Alerts: capture unanswered or abandoned calls, keep call queues short. Integrate with your Website: web visitors just click to call you. This article briefly describes each feature. Contact our team for a complete demo. Unified Window with click2call What is it? A unified window means that Freshdesk users do not require to open the Kookoo window to make or receive calls within Freshdesk. Agents just need to click the small KOOKOO icon on the bottom left of their Freshdesk screen to make calls. What’s the benefit? Zero toggling between windows reduces agent frustration, increases productivity and reduces Average handle Times. It’s convenient and easy for your staff to make calls right from their Freshdesk window, while on their computer. VOIP calls can save your business call costs too.   Screenpop integration. What is it? For all incoming calls, our system checks if the caller already has a record/open ticket. When the agent takes the call, the customer name displays along with all these details. What’s the benefit?  Agents have caller details on their fingertips, and this really improves customer satisfaction. When callers needn’t repeat ticket details, its a big relief for them. (According to a CCW Survey, having to repeat ticket details across channels is a customers biggest complaint when calling support). Agents also close calls faster leading to lower Average Handle Times. Automatic Call Logging What is it? Calls are automatically logged as tickets for all incoming calls. What's the benefit? Saves agent time while keeping your calls and tickets organized. Intelligent IVR What is it? IVR greets customers with automated welcome or after-hours messages. Intelligent IVR uses CRM data to improve customer experience. Conversational IVR allows users to speak to the IVR instead of keying in numbers. What’s the benefit? You can prioritize call routing for certain customers based on their average order value or time taken to close resolutions. You can also divert some calls to self-service especially for routine tasks like checking ticket status, cancellations or answering FAQs. Advanced Call Controls. What is it? Agents can mute, hold or transfer calls easily. When they’re on a lunch break or busy with some other work, they can just press pause, set their reasons for taking a break—and you stay notified. What’s the benefit?  If your agent can't resolve a problem, they just need to transfer the call to someone who can. Mute and Hold also lets them confer with a colleague to solve problems faster. Reports What is it? Track agent performance reports, [...]

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Insider tips on selecting the right cloud telephony

Cloud telephony offers unmatched features, scalability and cost effectiveness compared to PBX systems, business phones or legacy contact centers. But selecting the right cloud telephony solution isn’t easy. This article should help you in three ways: If you are a newbie to cloud telephony, you’ll  build knowledge on what can go wrong with your contact center solution. (and why) You’ll get “insider” tips on selecting the right solution for your business. For experienced contact center users/managers, you’ll finally understand why you are facing problems with the cloud communication platform you’ve chosen. Prashanth Kancherla, VP, International Business, Ozonetel, has been part of the cloud telephony revolution since its inception. We asked him to draw on his vast experience to build this article.He spent days deeply researching problems and complaints that competitors’ customers have faced over the years, before compiling this article for us. (Hey Prashanth, you’re still a business analyst to the core!). Read his breakdown: Voice Quality is often an issue. Voice quality issues arise due to two reasons: Reason 1: Does your cloud telephony provider have a point of presence in more than one continent? Even most big players run from a central location in the US. This results in high latency to clients whose agents are sitting far away from their data centre. End result? Poor voice quality. We have points of presence (POP) across all continents spanning from US(Americas),UK( For Europe), Dubai ( middle East) , Singapore ( South East Asia) and Australia . Agents are connected to the nearest possible POP for the highest voice quality. Reason 2: For most cloud providers, voice is embedded into their application. At Ozonetel, we treat voice and web (data) separately. This reduces packet loss and improves quality.    Billing may not be that straightforward. One thing people don’t investigate while choosing their software, is billing. You need to be sure that your cloud telephony provider gives you transparency. At Ozonetel, we don’t just provide transparent billing—we also bundle in sufficient free minutes with every agent license. So you have a fixed cost per month and the outflow(phone billing) is the only variable you need to look at at day-to-day. We also offer clients to get their own telephony trunks ( Enterprise clients, we care for you too!), so you pay the call charges to the operator and pay us for only our Cloud Contact Center software. Poor Customer Service We read a lot of customer reviews on g2 crowd that talk about slow customer responses from their telephony vendor. When you purchase a cloud telephony system, you need to know that you will be contacting your vendor often. You may need to try a new integration, or you may face an outage, or there may be some very simple issue that needs fixing. You will need a prompt response, or your business will suffer. We pride ourselves on responsive customer support.  Our 24*7 support team has won lots of kudos from all our clients. Slow Systems. Customers often don’t [...]

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What Are The Applications Of Call Center CTI?

Cole calls his favourite restaurant. Almost immediately, Nia answers and greets him by name. Cole isn’t surprised, since he is used to Nia taking his order. He orders his usual.  She remembers his gluten intolerance and pencils in special orders for the chef. He takes her recommendation for desert, and within the next few seconds, she reconfirms the delivery address and closes the call. This hyper personalization is a key reason why Cole remains a loyal customer. CTI applications are the secret sauce that powers multiple examples of stellar customer support. CTI applications can improve sales, support and agent efficiency. What is CTI? CTI or Computer Telephone Integration, as the name suggests, simply means integrating your phone system with your computer. Also known as call telephony, it gives you a wide variety of business benefits including being able to recognize callers, provide IVR, match caller to their customer records, as well as track call recording, missed calls and agent performance on each call.   4 BUSINESS APPLICATIONS OF CTI Are you able to track data after a busy day of receiving calls and answering them? Can you analyze this data at the touch of a button? Does the CRM system you currently use give you an edge over your competitor? Does it help improve your response time? And most importantly, does it help you resolve issues faster? CTI or Call Telephony integrations can help you achieve all this and more. Here are 6 powerful business applications of Computer Telephone Integrations in your call center: APPLICATION 1: RECOGNISE CALLERS & ROUTE CALLS BETTER CTI makes it possible to draw information from your internal database/CRM or Ticketing system to recognize callers from their phone numbers. ACD or Automated Call Distribution is used to transfer inbound calls to the right agent. Calls can be routed based on a variety of factors including time-of-day, agent’s skills, or campaign. VIP Routing is another option. many of our clients use VIP routing to prioritize customers based on past average order value. When the customer calls, the IVR  uses customer data within the CRM software to “decide” whom the call will be routed to , based on pre-defined instructions. Sticky Agents. CTI makes it possible to know who a caller spoke to last, and connect them to the same agent each time. This builds familiarity, trust and superior customer experience just like in the case of Cole and Nia in the hypothetical scenario we discussed above. APPLICATION 2:  SCREENPOP INTEGRATIONS With CTI, your telephone doesn’t just recognize the caller, it draws information from your internal database/CRM or ticketing software. The information then displays as a screenpop on the agents dashboard. The agent uses this information to resolve the caller’s query immediately, without having to fumble through multiple systems. A lot of time is saved as the information is ready with the system. The customer also feels welcome and acknowledged. An important step in trust is formed. APPLICATION 3: POWER DIALLERS CTI benefits for your outbound calling too. [...]

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Why your contact center needs to integrate Facebook Messaging

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: Customer support must, must, absolutely must be omnichannel. Contact centers need to embrace more and more mediums of communication. With over 2.23 billion active users (Q2 2018, Source: Facebook), Facebook is definitely not a medium you can ignore. (That’s probably why over 60 billion businesses maintain Facebook pages.) So how can you converse better with your Facebook followers? Facebook Messaging is the obvious answer. The not-so-obvious answer is that you need to integrate this messaging with your contact center for a stellar customer experience. What are the Advantages of Facebook Messaging? There is good reason to invest in messaging. According to a “Facebook Messaging Survey” by Nielson, 53% people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. Here is what messaging can achieve: Provides an instant, personal, easy way for people to communicate with your business. According to comScore, Facebook is checked 8 times a day, on an average. When a Facebook user browses your page, they’ll really appreciate being able to get personal attention from you in a single click. Canadian Media Company Rogers Communications saw a 65% boost in customer satisfaction after offering support on Messenger.1 Provides Self Service. Using Facebook messenger and bots, your customer can place orders, fix appointments and get basic queries answered easily without engaging your agents. Your bots may even be able to give basic recommendations to shoppers. Lego used this feature for a 6x return on their ad spend.2 Globe Telecom’s self service bot on facebook messenger reduced call center costs by 10%.3 Of course, when your contact center is connected to the backend, human agents can take over the conversation at any time. Supports & Encourages Purchase.Your followers can place orders via Facebook Messenger. Live agents can encourage purchases. Marks and Spencers reported a 21% higher average order value using Messenger in sync with curated Christmas menus on their FB page.4 Drives Awareness.You can send mass announcements, create stories or provide offers & updates to all your Facebook followers. The best part? It’s all interactive. Customers can query or comment instantly. Chevrolet’s campaign “Find New Roads” (2017) reached 200 million people.5 Increases Efficiency. Having your agents answer messages is extremely efficient. Unlike phone calls, agents can handle multiple Facebook queries at a time. So, diverting a percentage of your queries to messenger makes good business sense. How to create a seamless customer experience on Facebook? Remember, of course, that having Facebook messenger active isn’t enough. You need to ensure good backend support to answer queries, and deliver support when needed.  Contact Center Solutions like CloudAgent seamlessly integrate with Facebook messenger to provide the perfect support: Bots greet customers and give basic self-service. For further assistance, messenger seamlessly connects with CloudAgent, and a live human agent takes over. Messages are routed to agents based on skills. When all agents are busy, messages are queued up. You can easily access reports that help you assign more or less agents according [...]

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KOOKOO Cloud platform WhatsApp Integration

Ozonetel has proven to be a leader once again. Our swift WhatsApp for Business API integration was carried out like a blitzkrieg in the app support world. On 2nd August, 2018, our smart team worked overnight to deliver a complete, state-of-the-art WhatsApp Integration— within a span of 24 hours. This is like delivering tasty pizzas hot to a hungry tribe! After all, this has been a much-asked-for extension that will finally enable smarter usage of WhatsApp for Business. What can businesses gain from this integration? For businesses that have a WhatsApp for Business account, the KOOKOO cloud platform can streamline communications considerably: Businesses can customise Chatbots to greet customers in an instant and personal way on WhatsApp and provide basic self-service options. Based on customer’s needs, the bots seamlessly escalate the interaction to human agents. Automatic Chat Routing routes messages to free agents based on their skills. In case all agents are busy, customers are queued-up, and notified. Agents can handle multiple chats simultaneously. Screenpop Integrations ensure that agents have customer information on their fingertips. Supervisors can monitor chats and barge-in wherever needed. They can access agent performance and feedback reports in real time. Customers can switch to voice support with a single click. At a backend, CRM is smartly and automatically storing all data with customized parameters. Customers can opt-in for regular updates, offers, announcements and status updates. This creates a highly personal way for businesses to keep in touch, upsell and collect feedback from their customers. To ice the cake, this well thought out and structured, smooth WhatsApp integration by Ozonetel is also extremely cost effective! This is the second win of Ozonetel on speed integration. Earlier this year, soon after the Facebook announced its business chart integration, Ozonetel quickly created a Facebook chat plugin. Surely, the time of KOOKOO Cloud Agent is here as it catches up with the growing business needs customers while keeping pace with the changing technologies.

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