Artificial Intelligence

Customer speaking to your IVR

Is it time for your call center to use conversational IVR?

18:59 07 October in AI in the Call Center, Artificial Intelligence, Call Center, Customer Experience, IVRs by prashanth

The advantages, disadvantages, and 5 realistic use cases for conversational AI When it comes improving and enhancing customer service and support processes, AI holds incredible promise for both support and sales call centers. Especially with discerning customers wanting service quicker, faster, and as stress-free as possible. (Also...

Call Center Data for Marketing

How Can Marketing Teams Use Call Center AI?

08:42 12 February in Artificial Intelligence by prerna

Thanks to AI-based technologies such as Speech Analytics, call center data is more valuable than ever before. Learn how your marketing departments can keep a tab on customer sentiment, demographics, and customer concerns through this technology. Marketing Departments are familiar with AI-based tools like sentiment analysis....

5 ways AI will Transform Our Call Centers in 2018

00:00 26 February in Artificial Intelligence by Ajay

Ozonetel is bringing the power of AI into call centers. Taking advantage of advances in the AI fields like Natural Language programming and Analytics— Ozonetel is creating smart assistants and analytic tools for the modern day call center. Speech recognition, Speech analytics and Sentiment analysis have...