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Image of call center agent handling black friday calls

Is your call center ready for Black Friday?

19 November in AI in the Call Center, Contact Center, CRM Integration, Customer Experience

Handle service spikes with ease. The month of November officially kick-starts the holiday season. This year, thanks to the pandemic, people have been reaching out to customer support and online sales more frequently than ever before. Now with Black Friday around the corner, you can expect some serious traffic...

Your guide to an Omnichannel Contact Center

22 October in CRM Integration, Customer Experience

What is Omnichannel? Omnichannel is a unified communication strategy across content and media that businesses utilize to engage with customers and improve overall customer experience. In the business world, the term “Omnichannel” is not new. Think omnichannel retail, omnichannel marketing, or omnichannel customer experience. The stage...

Customer speaking to your IVR

Is it time for your call center to use conversational IVR?

07 October in AI in the Call Center, Artificial Intelligence, Call Center, Customer Experience, IVRs

The advantages, disadvantages, and 5 realistic use cases for conversational AI When it comes improving and enhancing customer service and support processes, AI holds incredible promise for both support and sales call centers. Especially with discerning customers wanting service quicker, faster, and as stress-free as possible. (Also...

8 things people hate most about your customer care. And how to fix it.

25 January in Call Center, Customer Experience, Ozonetel, Telephony For Support

How easy is it for customers to interact with your business? When it comes to customer experience, the interactions your customers have with frontline staff create the most lasting impact. With this in mind, it's critical to ensure that customers are not frustrated when they...