Author: Jordan

How to make customers feel like a VIP

00:00 22 January in Ozonetel by Jordan

How to ensure premium customer care for high-value customers. Because exceptional customers should be made to feel special on every call (or chat)   Platinum, gold, silver. It sounds great when you award these titles to customers. But if they still have a tough time getting through your customer...

How to Enable Self-service for your Customers? A 5 Step Guide

00:00 13 December in Ozonetel by Jordan

What can self-service achieve for your contact center? It can reduce call queues, agent workloads and costs. It can improve customer experience. Both of the above. No prizes for guessing the correct answer! That’s right, self-service isn’t just about cost-saving for your contact center; it’s often...

What Are The Applications Of Call Center CTI?

00:00 28 September in CRM Integration by Jordan

Cole calls his favourite restaurant. Almost immediately, Nia answers and greets him by name. Cole isn’t surprised, since he is used to Nia taking his order. He orders his usual.  She remembers his gluten intolerance and pencils in special orders for the chef. He takes...

6 ways to use dialers for call automation

00:00 14 September in CRM Integration by Jordan

Want to make your outbound calling process more efficient? Use call automation. Use dialers to automate your outbound sales calling as well as many of your inbound processes.  Here are 5 ways in which you can use your web-based dialers for call automation: 1. Power dialers...