Author: Brian

Do customers like your voice bot? Tips to ensure a good persona.

00:00 06 March in Ozonetel by Brian

Bots with boring generic robotic voice only belong in campy sci-fi movies. The key features when planning a conversational interface for your business are: Its ability to understand your customer, its ability to allow interruptions, quick response times, AI-powered continuous learning ability, and its ability...

Experiencing Contact Centers in 2019

00:00 17 January in Ozonetel by Brian

This year, UX design in contact centers will be the deliberate process of shaping how your customers, agents, and managers interact with the brand new technologies on offer. Bots that can have near-human conversations. Digital assistants calling contact centers for their owners. Artificial intelligence predicting customer...

What ensures an intuitive, efficient contact center UX?

00:00 27 December in Ozonetel by Brian

What ensures an intuitive, efficient contact center UX? Correct answer: You. Because it is only by looping in all users from start to finish, at every stage of the UX design process, that an intuitive, efficient contact center UX evolves. Right from the time a caller connects...

UX Design in the Contact Center: Who benefits?

00:00 15 December in Ozonetel by Brian

User experience or UX designing is important for your contact center. But it is important to identify your users’ needs first. Picture yourself as a consumer. Say you log on to an online shopping website. You browse through the menu, take your pick, order, pay and...