Author: anita

Customer Engagement Model

06:00 06 November in Contact Center, Customer Experience

What is customer engagement? Broadly speaking, customer engagement is the way(s) a company interacts with customers to create a relationship with them. This is done to foster brand loyalty, wherein in a competitive landscape, your customer base prefers your brand over the competition. What is a customer...

Voice Bot Conversations: Hype or Reality?

03:23 15 January in Uncategorized

This article spotlights the growth of voice in India, one of the fastest growing economies and the second most populous country in the world. 2019 was termed the year of the voice. In the United States, over 60 million people owned smart speakers by the end...

A Quick & Easy Guide to ‘Automatic Call Distribution’

00:00 05 October in Ozonetel

ACD, aka Automatic Call Distribution, is a telephony software tool that automates incoming call distribution amongst your staff. A business can define rules for how this distribution takes place, based on their needs.  Generally, an ACD works with your call routing parameters to connect callers to...

Now, let KOOKOO manage your Zendesk Talk calls better

00:00 12 February in Ozonetel

To create a productive work environment, it is essential to have a ‘complete’ support system in place. And sooner or later, that means a well-managed phone support system. Because sooner or later, your live chat, emails or messaging won't cut it—your customer will want to speak...