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Voice Bot Conversations: Hype or Reality?

03:23 15 January in Uncategorized by anita

This article spotlights the growth of voice in India, one of the fastest growing economies and the second most populous country in the world. 2019 was termed the year of the voice. In the United States, over 60 million people owned smart speakers by the end...

5 reasons customers (still) need your contact center

17:24 13 January in Uncategorized by anita

Do you expect to create a product or service so perfect that customers never need to speak with you?  Don’t overlook the critical role of customer communications when growing your business. Here is why. Customers don’t pointlessly want to talk to your business. The popular quote...

A Quick & Easy Guide to ‘Automatic Call Distribution’

00:00 05 October in Ozonetel by anita

ACD, aka Automatic Call Distribution, is a telephony software tool that automates incoming call distribution amongst your staff. A business can define rules for how this distribution takes place, based on their needs.  Generally, an ACD works with your call routing parameters to connect callers to...

Now, let KOOKOO manage your Zendesk Talk calls better

00:00 12 February in Ozonetel by anita

To create a productive work environment, it is essential to have a ‘complete’ support system in place. And sooner or later, that means a well-managed phone support system. Because sooner or later, your live chat, emails or messaging won't cut it—your customer will want to speak...

What you need to know about outbound IVR

00:00 15 November in Telephony For Sales by anita

We all agree that Interactive Voice Response systems or IVR often form the main interface of your contact center solution. They greet customers, collect caller intent and channel calls to the right department. But this isn’t all. IVR doesn not always need to be used...

Call Queue Management

00:00 25 October in Customer Experience, Telephony For Support by anita

Call centers exist to provide speedy customer service and issue resolution. Speed is key; achieved through efficient call queue management. What is call queue management? Simply put, call queue management is the management of call queues to ensure minimal customer wait time and fair workload distribution. When...