5 things we look forward to at Zoholics 2019

Zoho’s annual global conference, Zoholics descends upon us on April 9, 2019: And we’re really looking forward to it. With the technology advances in AI and automation, this year’s user-conference at Austin, TX promises to be enlightening and exciting at the same time!

Last year’s Zoholics gave us an opportunity to present our KIA (Voice + Chat) widget to the world. In fact, that’s where we launched it! We got lucky with a direct interaction with the awe-inspiring Sridhar Vembu (who gave us some great advice).We also got fantastic exposure to the Zoho partner ecosystem. And a wonderful opportunity to meet Zoho customers, and understand their ZOHO phonebridge requirements.  Plus, the presentations were awesome.

If you’re attending, here are 5 things you should look forward to this year:

Great speakers

This goes without saying! The line-up of speakers at Zoholics is usually impressive. This year be prepared to attend talks by the “Godfather of CRM” – Paul Greenberg; Zoho’s top brass, founder Sridhar Vembu and its chief strategist, Vijay Sundaram; along with other longtime industry pundits like Constellation Research’s Ray Wang, Small Business Trends Media’s founder Anita Campbell and ATARA’s Go Sugihara, among others. What an opportunity to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth and engage in an insightful Q&A session with these illustrious speakers themselves!

Get the skinny on new features

Zoho’s announcement of new features would certainly be a highlight. Get the skinny on Zoho’s soon-to-be-launched apps and capabilities that promise to take cross-platform collaboration and productivity to a whole new level. For conference attendees, this means more “break-out sessions” and unique hands-on experience playing with the latest version of Zia (Zoho’s AI-powered assistant) enhanced Zoho Office Suite.1 All under the expert guidance of the creators and experts themselves!

Business networking opportunity

Zoholics offers a valuable opportunity for likeminded business owners to connect and network with one other. It’s a chance for participants to interact and mingle with other Zoho users and learn how they are harnessing the power of Zoho to meet their business needs. So, make sure you have your stack of business cards ready. Leverage this time to exchange ideas and generate those business leads!   

One-on-one troubleshooting

With a bit of advance planning, conference attendees can look forward to getting more out of this 3-day conference. Once registered, participants can receive 25 minutes of one-on-one time with a Zoho product expert to resolve implementation problems, receive support, learn best practices, and get answers to other questions they may have.

To make it all even more efficient and streamlined, it’s a good idea for participants to inform the organizing team of their product and provide a brief summary of the issue they would like addressed. And of course, pre-select the date and time of the session they’d like. That way, the team would be prepared to optimally meet their needs in-person at the conference.

Get hands-on training with specialists

Zoholics also affords attendees a rare opportunity to chat with experts in general about their business and current/future goals. The on-site specialists are happy to help businesses maximize Zoho’s potential to optimize business priorities. The team assists in identifying requirements and how best to address participants’ needs by directing participants to domain specialists.  

And don’t miss our phone bridge demo!

Dont miss visiting our stall at Zoho. Our contact center solution already integrates perfectly with Zoho. And, now we’ve completed and tested our texting integration too, in time for the event. We’re also looking forward to demonstrating our voice bots, our fastest-ever inbound lead management system and our all-new, completely unique 2way SMS texting integration to visitors. Our CEO, Mr. Murthy has cleared his calendar to ensure he’s available for interactions nearly throughout the event. Plus, we have our special Zoholics discount for those who sign up at the event!

To sum up

Zoholics 2019 offers a great 3-days to learn how to optimise Zoho for your business. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet experts in-person and gain hands-on experience with new product features; or train under a specialist. It’s also a time well spent expanding your network by chatting with other businesses in a friendly, relaxed, fun-filled atmosphere. So, gear up! I’m looking forward to meeting you there.



About the Author:

Prashanth is VP, International Business at Ozonetel Communications. He is focused on delivering impactful business benefits through our contact center solutions.

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