4 Immediate ways Voice Bots can help sales teams

It has been quite a while since chatbots have invaded the customer service sector. Several big-name bots have taken up residence on different platforms to serve various purposes. Chief among those purposes is to let the users interact and communicate in real-time. This provides a level of self-service to the customer while elevating the customer experience. And customers are happy with the arrangement as well. Live chat software as a way for customers to interact with businesses has a 73% satisfaction rate.

Voice bots go a step further as they use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning. These technologies make it possible to have an interaction that is akin to talking to any customer care representative. These AI-powered bots, for instance, can help rethink the customer contact paradigm with natural conversations. They enable customer interactions not only on mobiles and landlines but also on websites. Read on to know what makes these bots’ conversations natural and how that can help your sales teams win:

  • Qualify Leads – With these bots, telemarking and cold calling can be elevated to a new level. Bots can engage the prospect to find out who is your potential customers, what they are seeking, and how can they assist these prospects further. They not only qualify the leads based on the qualification questions in the database but also try to understand what they are seeking. 

Do they want to learn more about a service?

Do they want to get more information about a product?

These bots can tell you who is ready for a demo for a particular product or a service based on various responses. Similarly, they can filter the respondents that need more nurturing and can engage customers who are interested in knowing more. By doing this, they allow sales teams to focus on later-stage demos and actions while the voice bots continue to handle the early-sales cycle tasks. 

  • Schedule Appointments – Intelligent bots can make scheduling appointments a breeze. They can help fix the most appropriate and convenient times to talk to the prospects, thereby increasing the conversion chances. Without this, your potential customers or leads could be no-shows. 

Emails are a great way to remind the leads of an impending meeting or call, but real-time, quick phone calls are even better. You can schedule multiple reminder calls. The bot will confirm the appointment or update rescheduling requests. This saves a lot of time for the sales teams. 

  • Conduct Surveys – A 2017 survey by American Express found that more than half of the consumers have scrapped a planned purchase at some point because of poor customer service. The same study found that 70% of the consumers would spend more money when they know that a company offers excellent service. Of course, these numbers matter, in that they form a crucial input into sales and marketing strategy. But taking these surveys has always been a tedious, cumbersome, effort-intensive task. Until bots came along, that is.

Voice bots can handle your surveys and customer reviews. They can gather information about the customers’ products and services usage along with their overall ratings. Instead of using dull forms or web surveys, you could use engaging voice surveys. The bots can personalize the survey questions more naturally and, therefore, drive better completion rates.

What sort of bot do you need?

But can all bots work like this? Are there some specific characteristics that the bots must possess to be able to deliver such outcomes? Well, yes. 

  • Streaming Recognition – One of the mainstays of these bots must be the unique ability to listen even while speaking. Just like any human customer care executive, the bot should be able to can pause, listen, and understand what the caller is saying and then respond even if the bot gets interrupted in the middle of a sentence. 
  • Real-Time Processing – These voice bots must process your speech the moment you speak and start preparing the response on the go. This can reduce the time required to respond, therefore facilitating a more natural conversation. 
  • Intent Recognition – Using natural language processing or NLP, these bots can understand various colloquialisms. The customer must feel comfortable responding in a normal natural manner rather than just offering a templatized or Yes or a No response. 

It’s clear that these innovative voice bots can help you in your sales efforts. Are you ready to join the voice bot revolution? 


About the Author:

Anita is a content manager at Ozonetel Communications. She interviews clients to keep a pulse on the latest contact center developments

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