This is a reference document for integrating ZOHO CRM with CloudAgent account. Admin creates Agents with specific AgentId and Password and tries to configure with ZOHO Desk. After logging into Zoho Desk, Admin chooses the desired plugin for Campaigns and maps respective agents to the ZohoDesk User.


  • User must have a valid Zoho Desk credentials and CloudAgent account from Ozonetel.
  • Assuming Admin has done basic configurations like creating Agents, PhoneNumbers and campaigns etc.,

Steps to Integrate the ZohoDesk with CloudAgent

STEP 1 :

In CloudAgent Navigate to Configurations ZohoDesk Grant Access. It will navigate to Zoho Desk for Authentication.


STEP 2 :

  • Clicking on INTEGRATIONS will show the list of plugins available in CloudAgent for Integration. Select ZOHO DESK.

STEP 3 :

  • Clicking on ZOHO DESK will redirect the page to ZOHO Desk website and prompts to authenticate. Enter valid User credentials and Click on Sign-in.

STEP 4 :

  • While logging in, ZOHO prompts about Ozonetel for accessing some information. Click on Accept.
  • Once user click on “Accept”, they will be redirected to CloudAgent page with a success message saying “Integration with ZohoDesk is success.

STEP 5 : Campaign level settings to Assign ZohoDesk plugin.

Once the registration is done we can see ZohoDesk Plugin in the list. Select Zoho Desk and Save. Go to “CAMPAIGNS”, click on “ Inbound/outbound CAMPAIGNS”.

  • From the list of all Inbound campaigns, click on desired Inbound campaign to open and go to “Hit ScreenPop URl At” field, which displays few options. From drop down options, Scroll down to select “Plugin” and “Plugin Name” and then “Save”.

STEP 6 : ZohoDesk settings to Map CloudAgent Agent with Zoho user. One agent can be mapped to only one Zoho user.

  • In Configurations => Integrations,
    Click on ZohoDesk Ikon that displays “Settings” tab you’ll see on mouse over.
  • User will be directed to ZohoDesk settings page that displays list of Agents by default. Now select the desired agent to whom user likes to map the ZohoDesk plugin and click on “Edit”.
  • Under the column “Zoho Users” of that respective agent, user will see a drop down with list of plugins available. Assign a Zoho User

STEP 7: Generate Click to Call button to make Outbound calls

Goto CONFIGURATIONS => INTEGRATIONS => Click on Zoho Desk icon. This will redirect you to Zoho Desk Settings page. “Agents” will be by default selection, Click on “Campaigns”.


Click on your desired Campaign and click on “Generate Click2Call”.

Click to Call functionality

  • Now login to Cloud Agent by clicking on “Agent Login”. Enter Agent Credentials shared by Admin. And change the Agent status to “Ready” and Calling status to Blended.
  • Login to Zoho Desk and click on “CUSTOMERS” that displays All contacts.
  • Click on desired customer, that opens all details. User will be able to see the contact information of customers. Beside contact number, a ‘phone icon’ in green colour is available to make outgoing calls using the contact center.
  • Clicking on that phone icon in green colour will initiate call and pops up a window. Zoho screen looks like below when the call is initiated.

And Zoho Desk screen looks like below, after call got disconnected.