Steps to Integrate ZohoCRM With CloudAgent.

1.       Grant Access to Register ZohoCRM. In CloudAgent Navigate to Configurations Integrations ZohoCRM OAuth 2.0 Grant Access. It will navigate to ZohoCRM for Authentication.

2.       Authenticate using ZohoCRM Credentials. Enter Credentials and click on SignIn.


3.       Click on Accept to enable integration.


4.       Add Plugin to CloudAgent Campaign Once the registration is done we can see ZohoCRM Plugin from the list. Select ZohoCRM (ZohoCrmV2) and Save.

5. Map CA agent with Zoho Users. Navigate to Integrations page again and click on One agent can map with only one Zoho User.


6.       Need to enable Click2Call to make outbound calls. Click on Generate Click2Call, which enables Click2Call.

Integration is done.