Professional calling solution for small business

For every business - small, mid-sized or big, handling business calls in a timely & professional manner is important. Ideally, these calls should also be tracked and monitored, for review in the future . Ozonetel's cloudagent lite is a simple to use cloud based business phone system which allows you to make the most of your incoming business calls.

SMB Calling solution - Missed call is a missed opportunity

Calling solution for small businesses- Setup an IVR, No more missed call, track and record all calls, setup call center

Our solution will give your callers a customized professional welcome, intelligently forward the call to the right department & create alerts for any missed calls via SMSes and Emails. You can start with your existing landline or mobile phone. Using this service will ensure that you do not miss any business calls, even when you mobile phone is switched off.

Missed-Call-ServiceKey Features of CA Lite a "Virtual Receptionist Solution"

  • Welcome IVR

    Play a professional welcome message via IVR and connect to the right department.

  • Monitor and Record all calls

    All customer interactions be recorded and monitored, along-with the missed calls.

  • Mobility

    Start the service in traditional landline or mobile phone.

  • Integrate with CRM and Analytics Solution

    Provide the easy to use open APIs, to integrate with all major CRM And ticketing solution.

  • Live Analytics & Dashboard

    We provide all relevant call reports, live analytics, campaign reports and dashboards, that can help in better business decision-making.

  • Start a Call Center

    Now you can start a full feature inbound or outbound call center linked with your number number.

  • Handling calls remotely via a Single published number

    Startups can position for a single number, say for Delhi while the people receiving the calls can be located anywhere in India and can take calls as per their convenience.

  • Improve Leads & Customer Service

    Personalize customer interactions by integrating with CRM. Allow your agents to work from anywhere and stay connected when customers need them most.

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Customer Experience

See, how we helped many companies in setting up small call center

FAQ for setting virtual receptionist
You don't need any hardware or software to start the service. You just need an Internet connection and chrome browser to start the service.
All incoming and outgoing business calls be recorded. You can also download the recording for future reference and quality assurance.
All the incoming calls will first land to our platform, all the call be recorded. If can set an email alert for missed call, you will get an alert for all missed calls.
You will get an unique local landline number, the inbound call can diverted to your personal mobile or landline number.
Fill the signup form, our sales team will contact you, within 2-3 working days your call center be up and running.
Ask for a free demo today to experience our calling software!