Toll Free Number Service

Enhance customer engagement and communicate effictively

Increase customer interaction

Having a Toll Free Number for your business allows potential customers to contact you without hesitation. Leading to better customer service with realtime feedback, thus enabling you to build a better service offering. Built on an intelligent cloud telephony platform, we provide all services required on a Toll Free nos. The solution comes with a whole bunch of relevant features like live analytics, FULL FEATURE ACD, Advanced call controls like call conferencing and many more.

Toll free number applicaion India Key Features?

  • Welcome IVR

    Play a professional welcome message via IVR, design multilevel IVR and connect to the right department

  • Zero initial Investment

    You don't have to invest on hardware or software and can start the service on a traditional phone or mobile.

  • Monitor and Record all calls

    All customer interactions can be recorded and monitored, along-with even missed calls.

  • Live Analytics & Dashboard

    We provide all relevant call reports, live analytics, campaign reports and dashboards, that can help in better business decision-making

  • Easy Integration

    Personalize your customer interactions with ready made integrations with leading CRMs like salesforce, zoho, suite crm etc. And also have the flexibility to integrate with custom systems using our open APIs.

  • Mobility

    Today, mobility is a must. With Ozonetels's solution, you can operate the entire solution from any location with just an internet connection.

  • Start a Call Center

    Now you can start a full feature inbound or onbound call center linked with your toll free number.

  • Handling calls remotely via a Single published number

    Startups can position for a single number, say for Delhi while the people receiving the calls can be located anywhere in India and can take calls as per their convenience.

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FAQ for toll free number

How to get a toll free number or 1800 number?

All the telecommunication service providers like Airtel, Reliance, Tata etc. and few cloud telephony companies provide toll free numbers. It is advisable to acquire the toll free number from a telcos and get its ownership.
Toll free number is expensive than a normal business landline number. It comes with a one-time cost, security deposit and monthly fixed charges. Cloud Telephony solution provides can enable all the service of a TFN on a landline number.
The toll free number or 1-800,888,877 number are just a customer facing number, the TFN number should be mapped to a landline number. Any person calling to a toll free number lands on the mapped landline number.
The vanity numbers are an unique combination of numbers, which gives an outstanding look Ex - 94120 00000 , 94120 94120, 9412121212. The number can be a landline number, mobile number or a toll free number, due to their unique combination it is charged more than the normal number and many a times Telco's also do auction of these numbers.
You can't do outbound calls from a Toll free number, TFN is just a customer facing number, you have map TFN to any landine or mobile number.
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