Improve your Zoho CRM’s functionality with Telephony

As we know CRM is a tool that maintains all customer details, captures all customer interactions and helps manage the complete customer life cycle. Telephony is needed to keep in communicate with the customers - call, chat or sms .
The CRM & the Telephony working independently lead to a drop in an executive’s efficiency & also ignore the link between a call & a contact – What was spoken, was the issue addressed, and was the customer happy. All these unknowns can be addressed by integrating both the solutions.
Ozonetel’s Cloud agent provides a seamless integration with Zoho CRM in the form a ready-made plugin. You only need the Cloud agent credentials to sync up both the systems and you can be up and running in less than 5 minutes.
Some of the benefits of the telephony integration with Zoho.

Call directly from CRM - Simply click the green phone button to trigger a call to a contact. #

Get customer details for incoming calls- For all incoming call, browser sets an alert for a new call and also pops up customer details. If you are not available to take the call a prerecorded can be played.

Call disposition details- After the call is over, you can write notes about call, which helps in customer follow up.

Know your customer – For all outbound calls, you can see the contact information in one screen. #

Send a SMS- You can send a remainder or any follow up sms to customers

Advanced call transfer feature- Advance call features like call transfer, call barge-in and call whisper can also be done on a live call.

Schedule a call – If any customer want to talk at some particular time, you can set an alert for the call.

See Call recording and its details- You can see all call recording and detail information. Agent can view his Call details & recording in his Zoho Login.
If you want to integrate cloudagent with Zoho, check at Zoho-website or Ozonetel-Website

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