Agile CRM Telephony Integration

How would you like if your CRM and calling solution are seamlessly integrated and you get all your lead classification reports and agent performance reports on a single click?
We, at Ozonetel, continuously strive to enhance the arena of business communications on cloud. Adding to this, we gladly declare our integration with one of the top rated CRMs in the world - Agile CRM. In case you are a company who are already using Agile CRM for your database and lead management, then Ozonetel can prove to be your business communication provider.
To enhance overall customer experience and improve lead lifecycle management, it is the need of the hour to have a full view of your customer. Having a right CRM is important, but what is even more important is having a communication tool which can have a tight integration with your CRM and make lead management a cake walk for you.
Cloud Agent, the full fledged contact center solution by Ozonetel, has come up with a seamless integration with Agile CRM in order to make it extremely easy for you to handle calls smartly and professionally in a cost effective manner.

Enhance the capabilities of your contact center:

The integration of Ozonetel’s Cloud Agent with Agile CRM is a market ready solution which is exclusively designed to fit the business communication needs of both startups and enterprises, which result in augmented productivity and reduced costs. The aspiration behind this integration with Agile CRM is to provide a complete view of all the distributed contact centers located in various countries or cities. This integration can help the users in handling both inbound and outbound business calls.

A typical call flow linking CRM to Cloud Agent would be. #

Following screens showcase the Microsoft Dynamics <-> Cloud Agent integration

1. Call-Inbound - Screenpop on CloudAgent Pop CRM screen - For inbound calls, the details of the customer can be seen and updated on real time. This ultimately enhances the agent productivity and presents a more refined picture of business.


2. Creating “Microsoft Dynamics Notes” - associating it to Contact identified


3. Manual Outbound to Customer using AgileCRM widgets - Agents can directly make a call through the Click-to-call functionality from within the CRM itself


Microsoft Dynamics is designed to provide complete automation in marketing activities, managing the customer leads, real-time analytics and social suite. They aim at changing the way of managing customer associations and customer life cycle. They provide extremely flexible architecture, with world class functionalities and complete security in a very cost effective manner. To know more, go to Ozonetel is a business communication provider on cloud which enables the customers to connect to businesses through SMS, call, chat etc. We provide an omni-channel solution for our customers to make it easy for them to connect to their prospects and grow their business. To know more, visit of follow on @OzonetelSystems.

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