Webinar Recording

Driving Profits through your
support center

Ozonetel's Prashanth, Mastermind Sport's Pratik, and Freshwork's Raghu
will give a stepwise demonstration of how to calculate and improve
your customer's lifetime value by ensuring good support
and customer experience.

Date: 20th March | Time: 11:00 am PST and 3:00 pm IST


  • How does customer experience affect profits? Calculating and tracking the numbers across the customer’s lifetime value.
  • Using proactive customer support to mitigate emergencies and add value.
  • The value of being present at various customer touch points.
  • Strategies to reduce customer effort and prevent churn.
  • Strategies to reduce agent effort and reduce costs.
  • Using AI to identify and utilize upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

How can we drive profits via our support center?

Are you still treating your customer support as a cost center?

In today's world, customer experience isn’t an add-on. It is very much a part of the complete product package that your customer pays for.

But how can you calculate the value of this customer experience? How can you improve it, to show tangible results? And how can you make use of the vast data that your customer support center generates to drive more profits?

Join Prashanth and Pratik Shah as they demonstrate how better customer experience, proactive customer support and intelligent use of data can help you deliver a tangible difference to your bottom lines.

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About the Speakers

Pratik Shah, Founder, CEO , Mastermind Sport's

Pratik has over 15 years of experience in building technology products at scale in both enterprises & consumer businesses. His extensive experience working directly with customers across 6 continents and internally with sales teams, support and product teams helps him build products and services that helped customers obtain the highest ROI from their investments. Mastermind Sports is his third entrepreneurial venture and is focused on building sports-based gaming products with paying customers in more than 10 countries.

Prashanth, VP, International Business, Ozonetel Communications

Prashanth is helping Build Next-Gen Cloud Communication like Voice Bots, Contact Centre 2.0 with AI for Customer Experience/Success teams. He believes there are vast opportunities for sales within support centers and vice versa. And AI will help bridge gaps and blend between the two teams.

Raghuvaran Viswanathan, Freshdesk Product Team

Raghuvaran is a part of the Freshdesk Product team and he has helped businesses use Freshdesk efficiently for their customer support needs. His team builds products to enable more efficient and personal customer support.