An Interview with Ozonetel's Partner

Sanjay Chohan - Founder,Konnect Communications

Could you please brief on your business, customer’s profile & Industry?
“ We have recently started our operations based at Nagpur. We deliver IT Related services to Corporates across different sizes. Special focus on Automobile dealers, Hotels , Realestate and Other SMB’s which want to advertise their services and offerings.”

What features your customers usually look out for?
“Recording, IVR routing options.”

What do you Like in Ozonetel?
“ Service and stability of the platform are two satisfying points. In addtion , dynamic changes in the interface on a Do It Yourself mode makes job easy for customers.”

What can ozonetel do to help you grow your business better?
“Continue the same service”- laughs:)

What changes would you like to recommend in our current services?
“ Addtion of SMS broadcast would be a great value add so that customer can manage different client related transactions from your application.”

How would you rate our services on a scale of 1- 5 with 1 being least and 5 being excellent?
❏ Product Value- 4
❏ Ease of setting of account- 4
❏ Support- 5
❏ Product prcing- 4