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The healthcare industry is one of the largest and fastest growth industry world wide. US is spending close to $3 trillion, by 2018 it will consume nearly 18% of US economy . China healthcare industry will touch $1 trillion by 2020. In India, it is growing at CAGR of 16.5 % and expected to become $280 billion by 2020.

Despite the huge opportunity, the healthcare industry is still very conventional in adopting to new communication technology. According to the Joint Commission, an independent organization that certifies U.S. healthcare organizations, it was found that ineffective communications were the primary cause of more than 70 percent of treatment delays and unexpected deaths or injuries.

Let's check the key stakeholders in healthcare industry their challenges and solutions.

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Key communication challenges.

  • Track and monitor customer conversation - Not able to track, what and how executes are talking to customers.
  • Performance metrics - Don't have any data to monitor the performance of call center.
  • Managing multichannel enquiries - Getting appointment from various sources toll free, on-line appointment, third party appointment via Practo, managing seamless communication with all channel is quite tough.
  • Managing marketing campaign - Hospitals are regularly doing blood donation camp, health check up and many other campaigns, due to lack of proper promotional campaign etc., but the response is not at per expectation.
Service provider
    Diagnostic Center
  • Managing distributed center - The diagnostic center are spread across multiple cities, managing customer communication and monitoring the performance of each center is tedious task.
  • CRM Integration - Presently, CRM has limited functionality hence they need a solution that can be easily integrated with CRM.

  • Online Pharmacy
  • Scalable solution - All the IT solution should be highly scalable, which can easily be scale up-down.
  • Multichannel communication - One solution should able to handle all customer touch point i.e call, chat etc.
  • Taking appointment is quite tedious - Patients should able to book appointment via all channels i.e phone, chat and social media etc.
  • Lot of wastage of time in waiting for doctors, should able to track appointment
  • Alert for all events- Many a times patient forgot next scheduled visits and other key events.
Emerging digital companies
  • Open communication platform - Need an open platform, on which they easily build innovative communication applications.

Communication solution for Healthcare & its impact

Ozonetel is providing communication solution to many organizations in healthcare sector, irrespective of their services. Few of our customers are CloudNine, Dr Lal Path Lab, Practo, MedLife, 1mg etc. Our contact center solution and cloud telephony platform is highly flexible and can be customized to meet the needs of all organizations. Salient feature of our solution are-

  • Call recording - Record and track all incoming, outgoing and missed calls, helps to track all customer conversation.
  • CTI Integration - - All incoming and outgoing customer can be handled via CRM or HMS, get customer info for all calls, get advanced call control features etc.
  • Manage distributed center - Manage and monitor customer calls of all branches from your headquarter
  • Multichannel communication - Omni-channel communication platform, communicate via all channels using a single platform
  • Dialer integration - Increase outbound calling efficiency
  • Open Platform - Develop your own customize communication application

Customer Experience

"Better monitoring platform, which is also helping in ensuring that calls answers are given priority. Also, the in-built CSAT system via IVR feedback is a handy tool in gauging customers feedback".Read More
MANG KIPGEN, Assistant Vice President Operations - Customer Support, Medi assist
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