Advanced Services

We meet your every communication need through perfect Cloud telephony solutions

Toll Free Service

Having a Toll Free Number for your business allows potential customers to contact you without being charged for their call. This allows you to extend better serivce to your customers.

Ozonetel�s Toll Free services further customer engagement through features such as:

  • Complete call recording and management
  • Customized IVR
  • Detailed reporting and analytics

Missed Call Service

When it comes to Missed Call Services, Ozonetel boasts a rich and consistent experience in making it work for clients. We have powered the biggest-ever Missed Call Campaign for Khan Kajura Tesan by Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL).

The concept of Missed Calls has recently redefined customer communications. It can be utilized to achieve multiple goals: to generate valuable leads, interact with customers, get feedback, or even test a business initiative. We run end-to-end Missed Call Campaigns and provide complete management with:

  • Customized IVR
  • Complete management of customer database
  • Bulk SMS (text and voice) and email
  • Easy integration with all major CRM solutions
  • Detailed reporting and analytics

Bulk SMS Service

India stands as the 2nd largest country to use mobile phones with 77 connections for every 100 citizens. Consumers are constantly on the move and rely heavily on their phones for majority of their communication. Ozonetel taps into this highly effective medium and provides Bulk SMS Service to aid your marketing efforts. With our Bulk SMS Service you can:

  • Send transactional and promotional SMS (SMS blast)
  • Send bulk emails
  • Easily integrate with major CRM solutions
  • Manage database for all customers
  • Get detailed reports and analytics

Virtual Phone Number

Virtual Phone Numbers hide your true contact number and are programed to forward incoming calls to preferred, preset numbers. This allows you to better monitor and track the performance of campaigns that are run across several platforms (print, billboard, radio, TV, etc), thereby saving the effort of reading returns from multiple numbers for multiple media.

Ozonetel equips you with a Virtual Phone Number and provides:

  • Customized IVR
  • Call recording
  • Complete call management of customer database
  • Easy integration with all major CRM solutions
  • Detailed reporting and analytics