Features of Ozonetel Cloud Contact Center

Hosted IVR

As the customer touchpoints with your business increase, it becomes critical for customers to get a consistent and seamless experience across all touchpoints. With a Hosted IVR solution, the customers to are routed through an Automated Interactive Voice Response unit where they can choose the service they are looking for, while being guided through various voice pre-recorded voice prompts. Ozonetel offers a suite of APIs to integrate with various third party applications for building intelligent IVR systems or intelligent Dialer systems as per your specific business need. Our APIs are system agnostic and work in a simple way of request and response. Explore more with us and test the limits of what you can achieve using our APIs.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)Software

Automated or Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Software is a technology that allows contact centers to distribute inbound calls, emails, SMS, and social media messages to agents based on customer need and agent skill set. Instead of simply sending inbound requests to an available agent, ACD systems categorize calls and messages and automatically check the system to see which available agent has the most relevant skills and experience to help the customers.

Skill-based Routing for Agents

Your agents have specific strengths and weaknesses. Our automatic call distributor system routes calls to specialized agents who can best service your customers’ specific needs

  • Call on Hold

    If there is no available agent, calls are queued and music will be played

  • Music on Hold

    Time & event based MOH, queue position, estimated wait time (but Ozonetel doesn’t give this feature deliberately), queue timeouts

  • Fall back rules

    Give an option of voice mail, or call back within a stipulated time (this can be put in the dialer)

  • Average Handling Time (AHT)

    Define your AHT because it is an important SLA for your contact center and an important criteria for most customers

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Priority Routing

If the agent is free, find the most idle agent, consider agent priorities if it is programmed. (As an admin, you can set who is the agent on priority)

Time-based Routing

You can define the time of the day for the calls to be routed to specific agents.

Queue Monitoring

Manage callers in queue and quickly get them to agents with the skills to help. Compatible with IVR, chat, email, social media and more, our ACD multi-channel routing lets your customers choose how they want to interact with you. With our automatic call distribution software, you have complete control over how customers interact with your multi-channel call center.

Barge-in & Call Monitoring

  • Call Whisper

    The supervisor has the ability to barge into a call and talk to the agent while the customer is on hold.

  • Snoop

    The supervisor can listen to a conversation between the agent and the customers.

  • Intrude

    The call is put into conference mode, the supervisor can talk to both the agent and the customer and try to resolve a problem.

Real-time Dashboards & Reports

In the information age, we cannot ignore analytics. Ozonetel provides valuable reports and dashboards that help you make informed business decisions – all the while making your Contact Center more efficient.

  • Visualization dashboards

    Gives a complete picture of Call Center performance such as number of calls handled, total duration of calls, etc

  • Live analytics

    Checks real-time Call Center performance such as number of active calls, number of busy agents, number of calls in queue, etc

  • System dashboard

    Presents the overall call status for selected periods and SLA conformance of agent pickup time

  • Performance dashboard

    Provides insight into agent performance

  • Call load analysis dashboard

    Shows a quick overview of call volumes and how resource load matches with call load

  • Agent efficiency report

    Reports agent performance in terms of percentage and average of calls answered, average talk time & pickup time

Call Recording

Our CloudAgent comes with Call Recording feature that allows you to constantly monitor the performance of your individual agents, improve the quality of response and feedback to your customers and also for training purposes.

Multi-Channel Communication

CloudAgent is the only Multi-channel Contact Center solution that allows your customers to seamlessly communicate with you via multiple touch points like phone, web, email, chat, sms and social media. We have integrated these multiple channels in our platform and no matter how the customer gets in touch with you, he gets a consistent response from the agent who is attending his call.

A single agent can carry on a number of different customer simultaneous conversations from the same dashboard.

Chat Routing

  • Give agents and customers the ability to interact over the web through CloudAgent Chat
  • Enable self-service, data-directed routing, skills-based routing, greetings, attention retainers, salutations, recording and reporting capabilities all within a single Cloud-based Contact Center Solution

Short Message Service (SMS)

  • Integrate with SMS carrier technology to leverage messages that contain customer-specific information. Enhance your overall outbound strategy within advanced list and campaign management
  • Get flexible dialing options with escalation and retry options, automation, and exclusions

Email Handling

  • Use established business rules to determine the action required for inbound email, including auto-acknowledge and auto-respond using natural language processing
  • Route email to a multimedia manager for additional actions
  • Address customer email inquiries with a personalized response
  • Send replies directly to customers via auto-response, or deliver answers to agents as suggested responses
  • Expedite the email creation process and proactively target customers

Multi-channel automated self-service and outreach

  • Take advantage of multi-channel outbound capabilities, including automated self-service (voice, web chat, IM) and proactive outreach (voice, email, SMS)
  • Match interaction time with the right resources, for differentiated customer service, personalized sales campaigns and precision-targeted collections.

CRM Integration

With our Open APIs, you can easily connect customer data with your call center by using our off the shelf CRM & ticketing integrations. Pull in customer data from popular CRMs like Salesforce, ZOHO, Sugar, FresDesk, ZenDesk or your custom-built solution. By connecting information in your automatic call distributor with data in your CRM, your agents are equipped to handle large call volumes quickly and efficiently.


Maintain a high level of utilization and cost efficiency when it comes to your contact center. Supported on CloudAgent – your trusted Cloud-based call center solution – our Dialers help your sales teams and outbound calling teams improve their efficiency by more than 100%.

Use our Dialers to suit your every business needs. Be it a sales process where leads need to be called instantaneously, customer support desk where customers need to be called back when calls go unanswered, or a simple IVR blast that you want to send to your existing or potential customers – our Dialers will enable you to meet these needs. Create integrations with our Dialer APIs and seamlessly service your Sales, Service, and Marketing needs for your business. We have 3 types of Dialers to suit your business needs:

  • Preview dialer

    This dialer is used to handle critical business calls. Calls are handled carefully, after complete review of customer information. The revenue generated per call in this case is high.

  • Progressive dialer

    This dialer increases the productivity of agents and ensures each agent is utilized optimally. It is particularly ideal for small and mid-sized contact centers that face a large number of leads.

  • Predictive dialer

    This dialer increases the number of calls handled per day, increases calling time, and reduces the interval between two calls. It is particularly ideal for large contact centers which generate cold calls/leads.

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