Brandagent - Marketing Communication Solution

Your Marketing Communications Partner

BrandAgent is our online marketing communications platform, available both in a self-serve and a managed-serve mode that empowers brands to communicate, connect, and engage with millions of consumers on a daily basis. We leverage our deep cloud communications expertise to deliver a seamless technology experience.

Our consumer loyalty experience creates massive, well-engaged groups of consumers, moving them from awareness to purchase.
Helping your Brand
stand out

We work with clients from the very outset. We help plan the entire consumer journey, looking to drive brand awareness higher and edging consumer loyalty higher... all with an optimized and enriched communication cycle.


We drive sales higher. We create more impressions per dollar than any other channel. We induce trial and engage millions of people via well-timed content, interesting offers, Telemarketing Campaigns, and much more.

realtime data

Our real-time campaign dashboards provides valuable insights into consumer interactions and behavior happening real-time.

Made in India

We follow the footsteps of Made in India unicorns such as Inmobi. Today, we connect with more than 4 billion consumers across 150 countries. Clients take us across oceans, even as we continue to deliver outstanding results in India.

How are clients using us?


We use voice and are the largest voice capability in India having run the Kan Khajura Tesan project for Unilever. We also leverage the legendary Missed Call Service and deep referral programs to connect millions of people.


200 other clients use voice to fulfil a variety of communication needs at absolutely no cost. Is your food arriving on time? What shampoo do you prefer? These questions are answered by us and our solutions.


Consumers get discount offers, surveys, notifications, and custom content based on their buying behavior and interactions. This keeps your customers engaged throughout the customer lifecycle.

So what makes us truly different?

When you strip away the marketing hype and the website jargon that everyone has, there are two reasons that make clients and people work with us:


how does it works