Ozonetel’s business communications suite for Manufacturing industry

Customer care/service is often the neglected department in a Manufacturing setup

A typical customer care setup in a Manufacturing setup would be
  • Calls NOT directed to the right person - Since government regulations mandate a customer care contact to be mentioned (Email & Phone number) a number is available. However, in most cases the calls directed to this number are handled by a secretary, receptionist or an ill-informed company representative. More so, these calls are not monitored or tagged for future review.
  • Outsourced operations to BPOs to handle customer care – many businesses, including some of ours have outsourced their customer care department to BPOs. This is a strategic call to be taken depending on the kind of queries and the nature of products being sold. A high involvement/high investment product ideally should have a high touch customer care department able to resolve customer issues on time.
  • Limited empowerment of the customer care department – How efficient is the call center in resolving customer issues, say regarding the usage of a product or complaint redressal? MNCs like P&G, HUL have a process in place empowering their call center, however most do not have any arrangement in place.
  • Lack of a CRM to record customer info(CTI Integration) Businesses have been slow to adopt a customer database to track customer activity and review trends in customer behavior
  • Legacy systems in use which provide a Siloed view of the customer

How is the interaction with customers throughout the buying cycle?

customer buying cycle in manufacturing company
While the user sees the company as one – why should internal systems not do the same and provide an integrated view of the customer?

Ozonetel can be the Manufacturing industry’s one stop help to track, monitor & improve customer experiences

Our integrated communications solution consists of
  • Custom telephony applications for better engagement – Leading MNCs like HUL, Monsanto, BASF use Ozonetel’s platform to deliver information & resolve queries using an automated IVR tool
  • Single screen to track all customer interactions – Company reps can now access all customer conversations, whether Calls, SMSes, Email or social media comments in a single window thus providing immediate & relevant response to all queries.
  • Complete DR with redundancies & back-ups – Ozonetel’s integrated system can be setup with on premise and off premise back-ups
  • Private cloud – Enterprises needing a complete on-premise solution due to regulatory or compliance issues can now avail Ozonetel’s “Private cloud” – all the benefits of a cloud solution on premise
Ozonetel’s Omni-channel communications suite lets businesses monitor & interact with customers via Calls, SMSes, Live chats, Social media & Emails

Ozonetel’s deployed solutions

insurance call center flow

Impact of deploying Ozonetel’s solutions

  • Hindustan unilever reaches over 50mn unique users across Rural India on the Kan khajura teshan mobile radio campaign
  • Monsanto reached out to over 3mn farmers across India as part of the Project Rise deploying a customized IVR application which resolves farmer queries, provides weather updates & pricing information
  • Emami ltd has streamlined their customer care by deploying an outsourced team running on Ozonetel’s cloud call center solution
Ozonetel customer ozonetel
Ozonetel customer ozonetel
Ozonetel customer ozonetel
Ozonetel customer ozonetel

Customer Experience

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Priya Nair, Vice-president, HUL (Detergents business)
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