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As the customer touchpoints with your business increase, it becomes critical for customers to get a consistent and seamless experience touchpoints. With an IVR system, the customers are routed through an Automated Interactive Voice Response unit where they can choose the service they are looking for, while being guided through various voice pre-recorded voice prompts. Ozonetel offers a suite of APIs to integrate with various third party applications for building intelligent IVR systems or intelligent Dialer systems as per your business need. Our APIs are system agnostic and work in a simple way of request and response. Explore more with us and test the limits of what you can achieve using our APIs.

IVR technology feature Ozonetel's IVR Software-Features

Your agents have specific strengths and weaknesses. Our automatic call distributor system routes calls to specialized agents who can best service your customers’ specific needs

  • Web Based Solution

    We provide Web based IVR solution. Which means you can customize your IVR from any browser, you just need an internet connection and a browser to make your IVR.

  • Easy to Configure Messages

    We provide easy to use text-to-speech conversion software to generate messages. This system makes it easy to change your IVR messages as often as needed to customize your callers’ experiences.

  • MultiLevel IVR Technology

    Ozonetel IVR, allows you to create multiple branches in your IVR. For example, if callers selected '1' for “Payment Issue” which will further map to another IVR that prompt user to select 1 for “Pre Paid” and 2 for “Post Paid”. This ensure that customer get the right information.

  • Mobility

    Today, mobility is must with Ozonetels's solution, IVR software can be played on mobile or landline phone. This solution helps to directly forward the call to field sales force or employees.

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IVR ServicesHow to get an IVR

We provide full feature IVR designed to meet the customers needs. If you want to develop your own IVR or voice based app, you can use our plafrom "kookoo".

Kookoo is Ozonetel's Plaform, it is an interface between your web application and the caller. It takes phone commands from you and executes them on your behalf to the caller. The best way to think of KooKoo is as just another web page in your application. Only difference is, the web page is accessible from the phone rather than the browser:

    1. Caller calls the KooKoo number.
    2. KooKoo informs your application(HTTP request).
    3. You tell KooKoo what to do (Play some text, collect input, send sms, record etc)(XML Response).
    4. KooKoo performs the action on your behalf.
    5. KooKoo sends you the result of the action to your application(HTTP Request).
How IVRs System works


FAQ for Setting up an IVR
You don't need any hardware or software to start the service. As we provide cloud based IVR solution, you just need internet connection and chrome browser to start the service.
You need an internet connection for initial IVR setup.

Can I start an IVR in local language?

You can start an IVR in local language, but you have to provide the voice file in mp3 format.
You can change the IVR script at any time, the change of IVR flow depends on the complexity of IVR flow.
If you want to design your own IVR setup, just signup in ozonetel.kookoo.in and start designing your IVR app. If we want Ozonetel to design the IVR,fill the signup form or call our Toll Free Number. Our sales team will contact you, within 2-3 working days your IVR will be up and running, it depends on the complexity of IVR design.
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